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3-Recommended Air Jordan’s. The Royal Road Sneakers Of Street Fashion

After 30 years have passed since the first release, and even now, “Air Jordan” still attracts sneaker fans all over the world. It is incredibly extremely popular in street fashion and is widely recognized as a fashionable fashion item.

When the first product was released in 1985, it attracted attention as a high-performance basketball shoe for competition. It is still widely established as a fashion item; both men and women incorporate it into their coordination and enjoy fashionable dressing.

Air Jordan is a basketball shoe created by a contract between Nike, now known as a global sports brand, and NBA legend Michael Jordan. It was named Air Jordan by combining Nike’s air cushioning technology with Michael Jordan’s nickname “Air,” which shoots long-duration dunk shots.

This time, we will pick up recommended items from Air Jordan.

Air Jordan 1 MID

This item features a clean coloring finished in all white. It is easier to use than the multi-color type and can be immediately incorporated into everyday denim outfits. It is also recommended for those who are trying the Air Jordan series for the first time.

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Air Jordan 5 Retro

Launched in 1990 and popular enough to cause various social phenomena, the Air Jordan 5 was inspired by the P-51 fighter, which was active during World War II. It is packed with distinctive details such as a large tongue with lace stoppers and reflector material and a shark tooth drawn on the midsole.

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Air Jordan 11 Retro

One of the most popular Air Jordan series, the Air Jordan 11, is a sporty taste and good quality model. At Michael Jordan’s request, it was created under the unique concept of “basketball shoes that look good on a black tie.”

Shiny enamel leather creates a formal atmosphere. The bicolor color scheme with the contrast between black and white also adds to the dressy mood. It is a recommended pair that is easy to match with adult-like clothes.

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