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3- Recommended Petti pants. A Fashionable Accent to Your Usual Outfit

Petti pants are innerwear worn under skirts and pants. It is a pants type that allows you to pass through your legs instead of a skirt type petticoat.

Wearing petti pants can help prevent the skirt from clinging to your feet and prevent you from seeing your underwear lines. Also, since it is an inner, it is worn not to be seen from the outside, but coordination is to show something with a design such as a lace hem.

It is a convenient item that prevents the skirt from clinging, prevents the line of underwear from appearing, and solves various problems such as sweat and static electricity.

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Wacoal is a Japanese clothing manufacturer focusing on women’s underwear. The feature is that there are many highly functional products unique to underwear manufacturers. We also have various brands with different concepts, such as Amphitheater Cool, so you can choose the one that suits you from various designs.

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Triumph International

Triumph is the world’s largest manufacturer of women’s underwear, headquartered in Switzerland. Founded in Germany in 1886, we continue to make underwear with the concept of being close to women’s desire to be beautiful in their way. We also develop brands targeting young women, such as Amos Style. We have a lineup of items with various designs, from elegant to cute.

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Peach John

Peach John is famous for his underwear. Underwear with a sweet and cute design is popular among young women. Petti pants and dresses are also characterized by developing particular items about their cute appearance—recommended for women who want to coordinate with innerwear at a reasonable price.

Petti pants are a convenient item that not only prevents the skirt from clinging but also protects your essential clothes from dirt such as sweat. Many petti pants are highly functional, and you may be confused about which one to choose.

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