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3-Simple Step To Choose Water Proof Shoes

When choosing waterproof sneakers, it is essential to carefully check the waterproof performance of the material you are using. “Gore-Tex”, which has both excellent waterproofness and breathability, is recommended for those who place importance on functionality.

The waterproof function, “Dimplex”, which has a temperature control function, is less expensive than Gore-Tex and has a good cost performance. Waterproof sneakers that use water-resistant vinyl material “PVC” for the upper are also available.

Slip resistance

Since the ground is wet on rainy days, it is essential to choose waterproof sneakers considering slip resistance. We have a lineup of high gripped items designed to prevent slippery roads, not just wet roads.


Considering the hot and humid rainy season with a lot of rain, it is also a point to check the difficulty of getting stuffy. Even if it is highly waterproof, it is easy to feel discomfort due to sweat if it is not breathable.

We recommend items that are breathable in addition to waterproof, such as Gore-Tex and Diaplex. Especially when using it in the outdoor scene, be sure to check it carefully.

Rainy or snowy day

If it is a highly waterproof type, it will not get wet quickly, even on rainy or snowy days, and you can spend it comfortably. Moisture can easily make the inside of your shoes stuffy. Let’s check not only waterproofness but also breathability and slip resistance.

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If you use it when you go out, check out the waterproof sneakers that are water repellent to withstand some rain. Things with a water-repellent effect not only repel water but are also attractive because they are hard to get dirty. One of the advantages is that it is easy to maintain. We have a broad lineup of waterproof sneakers that are waterproof for daily life.

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