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3-Suggested 30L Backpacks. Introducing Popular Brand Items

The 30L backpack has a high storage capacity that allows you to store a certain amount of luggage comfortably, and it is attractive that it does not look too significant when you carry it on your back. It is a recommended size that YOU can use from daily use to outdoor activities such as travel and hiking.

When used for daily use, it still has plenty of room for 5 or 6 thick textbooks. It can securely store laptops, tablets, and many documents and is suitable for commuting to work or school with a lot of luggage.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce a backpack with a capacity of 30 L, which is very popular for its safe storage capacity.


Long-established American outdoor wear brand. It is famous for outdoor use and daily use and is supported by a wide range of age groups regardless of age or gender.

The North Face backpack is characterized by its wide range of sizes and designs. High functionality and ruggedness with attention to detail are also attractive.


A global outdoor brand is familiar with the mountain logo. The stylish design used for daily use and the high quality unique to outdoor brands is attractive.

Patagonia backpacks are simple and easy to use and are characterized by their size and functionality. There are many unisex designs, and it is very popular with both men and women.

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A long-established French brand is famous for mountain items. With a simple and sophisticated design and reliable functionality typical of France, this brand is at the forefront of the mountaineering scene.

Millet’s backpack’s most beautiful thing is that it has high functionality that can withstand mountain climbing. With a clean and easy-to-use design, it is also recommended for daily use.

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