4 Brilliant Ways to Keep Icebox Cold Longer

Outdoor activities like camping or heading to the beach for the weekend could be more enjoyable if you have ice-cold refreshments. Bringing your favourite drinks can make your activities outdoors more fun. But some drinks must be kept cold, especially during the summer. So you need to buy icebox coolers to ensure that your beloved beverages will remain chilled all the time.

But due to different technological advancements, other devices came out in the market that can help keep food and drinks chilled. For example, camper fridges and portable refrigeration units proliferated the market. But having an icebox is still a good idea, especially if you plan to make plenty of outdoor trips in the coming days. It allows you to have ice ready in case the drinks become lukewarm after getting exposed to the elements for a while. If you need an uninterrupted supply of ice during your trip, here are several ways to keep the ice longer by using your icebox.

#1: Know the Type of Icebox For Your Needs

Always buy icebox coolers from reputable manufacturers and sellers to ensure that you will get durable and high-quality products that withstand harsh outdoor elements. In addition, it must be sturdy enough so it will not break easily.

When choosing the best icebox model, you also need to consider the size once it becomes jam-packed with all your food and drinks. It must also fit perfectly in your car, van, or camper.

#2: Learn How to Prepare Your Icebox

If you plan on taking out your icebox, you should begin by spreading a layer of crushed ice all over the box at least overnight before you plan to use it. This process lets you cool down the interior of your icebox in advance to help it do its job faster.

Once the icebox becomes cold, you can start putting your ice on it before your trip. But it would be best to choose block ice to ensure that it will not melt quickly. Crushed ice may not be ideal since it is filled with air and space. Thus it will melt faster than block ice. It is also perfect for adding salt to the ice water to decrease the liquid’s freezing temperature. This phenomenon allows the ice to be colder than your cold freshwater.

#3: Make Your Food and Drinks Cold First

The icebox will be in the best condition if you cool down the contents before putting it in. Put your food items in the fridge for a few hours. It is also ideal for chilling your canned or bottled drinks until frozen in advance.

Once everything is cold, you can put all the contents inside the icebox. The ice does not have to work harder to cool down the contents by doing this. As a result, it will last longer.

#4: Keep the Icebox Away from the Sun

The sun can significantly affect the performance of your icebox. So always keep the icebox away from the sun’s direct heat to prevent the ice from melting fast.

You also need to ensure that the placement of your icebox has excellent airflow. If you place it inside your car or a tent, you may put the ice at risk of melting since the temperatures inside may reach as high as 10-10 degrees more than the temperatures outdoors. If you cannot find a shaded area, you can cover it with a wet towel or a blanket to prevent too much heat exposure.

Aside from these tips, filling your icebox with as many contents as possible is necessary. If you put more items inside, you will lessen the vacant space for air to flow. It means everything will be cold longer. So invest in a good icebox if you want your drinks and other food items chilled for a long time.

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