4 Must-Do Things By Kimberly Torres To Break Out Of Poverty

Technology is ever penetrating every last fiber of society, causing a dramatic upheaval in the way we live our lives. Thanks to the disruptive nature of the internet that has caused the poverty levels to go down significantly.

But why do the poor become poorer, and the rich’s richness keeps increasing exponentially? Is it because society believes that if you are from a humble background, then you cannot shine? Kimberly Torres has been debunking this narrative. She says, “I use myself as an example to prove that the belief is just an illusion and with zeal and determination, everyone, everywhere, can do anything he or she wants.”

About Kimberly Torres

Kimberly Torres was born in New Jersey. She is a Top Trade Analyst with four years of experience who has mentored thousands of people to break loose from the chains of poverty.

As a female minority top trader, her goal is to help families come to zero debt and help people get out of foreclosure and out of the shelter and walk away from a job. Even though she has been through many challenges, she finally found her purpose.

The following are four things by Kimberly that you need to do to break out of poverty.

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1. Come Out Of Debts

Debts can slow or even shut your dream of ever progressing. Being debt-free will increase your savings. It will also relieve you from the anxiety that comes with owing money to people or lending institutions. Additionally, you will also achieve financial freedom and have the freedom to choose what you want. You also increase your credit score.

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2. Quit Your 9-5

You can never take full control of your life working for people for the rest of your life. Therefore you need to take calculated steps and know when and how to quit your 9-5. Quitting a ‘job’ will maximize your potential and create what you want in life.

You will have the freedom to live on your terms, increase your mental health and happiness, focus on your passions, and create additional income streams.

3. Go Online

Did you know you can create Wi-fi money from your home? There is nothing good like working from home. Six years ago, Kimberly’s friend, a cop, introduced her to trading, stock options, and then to forex. This opportunity changed Kimberly’s life to come out of poverty. That is why, as a successful person, she wants to be the light, educate and show people how they can break the curse of poverty.

4. Have The Zeal & Determination

Every success begins in mind. If you change your mindset, you will succeed. Changing your mindset alone and not working will be futile. However, through zeal, determination, and hard work, you can achieve any goal. Zeal will always be the fuel to push you to the next level.


You can shine and be great. Therefore don’t live below your standards. Follow the above guide and live your dreams to the fullest.

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