4 Types of Audio Video Styles In The Workplace

Video conferencing is a method of communication is used to connect people from all over the globe. In the past few years, the use of audio and video conferencing has become exponentially larger, and with it the demand for Professional AV Control  Solutions has grown alongside in equal amounts.

Whether AV technology seems straightforward or on the complicated side, it can be helpful to understand the most popular uses for it in the workplace. See more for 4 different types of audio video conferencing that are designed to make day to day life easier and improved.

4 styles of audio video conferencing

  1. Internal team meetings via video call. Since work from home culture has become more mainstream, internal video calls are vital to keep the whole team connected and informed. Having virtual face to face meetings provides the opportunity for the spotlight to be on each member of the team which will allow them to present progress made and opportunities, along with any issues that may need mitigating.
  2. External video calls for B2B and customer relationship building. Whether it is a call from the sales department or customer care, being able to see your clients face to face can make an extraordinary difference in the satisfaction of customers and business partners.
  3. Large-scale organisation meetings. Large meetings and conferences can often take a significant amount of planning of spoken topics and timings of speakers taking priority. Large scale video conferences can remove some of the stress of logistical details such as accommodation and seating.
  4. One-on-one conversations. One-on-one video conferencing allows regular catch ups between managers and employees through remote working and otherwise chaotic team routines and schedules. This method of audio and video conferencing is also an excellent way to conduct interviews which can save both parties time and money.

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