4 Ways marketers can get creative with packaging through stickers

Ever since unboxing videos and product reviews have become a viral trend, product packaging has become an essential part of a customer’s purchase journey and post-purchase experience. Are you looking for ways to elevate your product packaging and reach more potential customers? Then you have come to the right place. 

In this article, we will introduce you to ways you as a business owner or marketer can level up your product packaging using custom stickers. Yes, these little sticky pieces of plastic or paper are real powerhouses. 

Stickers are a great tool: they are easy to get, quick to apply, super affordable and highly effective. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Then let’s find out how you can use stickers for your product packaging. 

1. Brand it 

You want to make sure that every touchpoint your customers have with your business turns into a brand experience and increases brand awareness. A great way to do this is by using logo stickers. The beauty of using custom stickers is that you can get your logo printed exactly how you want it and hit those brand colors.

All you have to do when your stickers arrive is to apply them to your product packaging or your post boxes. Not only are stickers a very affordable marketing tool, they can also help you save money on your packaging. It means that you can bulk buy plain packaging materials and brand them yourself. We recommend using custom vinyl stickers for this as they are resistant to water and scratches, making your stickers super durable. 

2. Show customer appreciation

We choose brands based on a gut feeling. While marketing efforts can, of course, be measured, a gut feeling can be hard to engineer. What you can do instead, is center on customer appreciation and making your customers feel that your business is the right choice for them, igniting trust and loyalty. 

You can achieve that by designing and printing a thoughtful message on a beautiful sticker as a way to greet your customers before they have even opened your shipment. Another lovely way to show your customers that you care is to add a thank-you sticker with every shipment or include them with every purchase. 

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3. Go seasonal 

One of the best things about using stickers for your marketing is the flexibility they offer you. You can realize marketing campaigns within days or even add to existing campaigns and increase their visibility. 

This is why seasonal packaging is one of our favorite sticker tips. This can be as simple as ordering pumpkin or snowflake stickers and adding them to your packaging. Such stickers are not only a lovely little add-on, they also increase the shareability of your product. By this, we mean that your customers will be much more likely to share thoughtful, funny or beautiful packaging on their social media accounts, increasing your reach and brand awareness exponentially. 

4. Choose premium materials

It is not only about how you can use your stickers for your product packaging. You should also think about what these stickers can actually communicate. Many sticker printers offer amazing effect materials like metallic or transparent vinyl. Using these you can create stunning holographic or clear labels

We love these labels because they can emphasize the high quality of your product by giving your packaging that premium look. Such materials are perfect for new product launches or limited edition product ranges. 

And those were four ways you can use stickers to create stunning packaging. We hope you loved these tips and are ready to give custom stickers a try. If you would like to share additional tips, we would love to hear from you. Please leave them in the comments below. The Modern Coffer of Information

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