5 Facts to Know Before Moving to Hobart, IN

What You Will Want to Know Before Packing That Moving Van

Making a move to any part of the world can be a challenge and everyone has their own reasons for moving to a particular area. Whether it is for work, moving closer to family, schooling needs, or just to start over, moving is an essential need for many. Although larger cities still remain among the most popular among new movers, more people are turning toward smaller towns. They offer substantial benefits that larger cities simply cannot match and Hobart, IN is one of the best smaller places to move for a range of reasons. Here are some things you will want to know about Hobart, IN. 

Close to An Iconic Location

As we have all heard, some celebrities come from very humble beginnings. Although Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five are well known names in the entertainment industry, they all started somewhere and that place can be found in Gary, IN. Not directly in Hobart, but Gary is located less than 10 miles away, so when you feel like cruising through the neighborhood Michael Jackson grew up in and see the humble home of his beginnings and that of his famous family, it is just a short drive away. 

High Rate of Home Ownership

Larger cities carry with them the burden of being very expensive to live in. Home ownership can be a mere dream in many of these areas, but Hobart, IN is not one of these locations, thankfully. Moving here will award you the ability to own the home of your dreams. Currently, approximately, 74% of all residents own their home in the city, but while moving in and getting the lay of the land, rentals are available and remain very affordable at an average of $852 per month. That is on average 10% lower than the average rent in the United States overall.

Excellent Schools

Whether you are moving for work, family, or any other reason, the need for schooling will likely come up at some point. In Hobart, IN, graduation rates have maintained at 85% which is 2% higher than that of the national average and test scores in Hobart schools are even better coming in at 52% higher than the US average. If you want excellent schools with a small town environment, Hobart is the place to be. 

You Will Want to Rent a Storage Unit

While moving, things can sometimes become unorganized and it can often take weeks to find exactly what you need and put everything in its place. During that time, you do not want to be living amidst a mess of boxes and packing tape. Instead consider renting a storge unit for your move in Hobart. Storage units in Hobart, IN are readily available and can help your move go far smoother than simply placing items in your new home. It provides a conduit so in the case your new home is not as large as your previous one, or you must rent for a while before purchasing your dream home in Hobart, you can have an available place to store your items. Storage units are also excellent places to store those seasonal items and are not prone to mold and mildew like attic and basement storage spaces. 

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