5 Intriguing Nike SB Shoes to Look for in the Market

In skateboarding, you want to have shoes that offer durability, protection and purpose. When Nike Skateboarding was first presented in 2002, it was surely at the top of the whiteboard to make skateboarding shoes.

Until today, nike sb shoes are still at the peak of success in the skateboard shoe industry. They’ve incorporated modish technologies into their shoes and sponsored more skaters than any other brand.

Yes, there are a lot of Nike skate shoes to choose from. You want to venture into the market with enough resources at hand. So, let’s zoom in a little bit.

Nike SB Dunk

The Dunk was the first Nike SB shoe to be prefaced in 2002. Although it initially took a path of failure, the shoe was reintroduced in 2004 with a completely enhanced design.

Yes, it became a fixture in the company’s skateboarding division because it specifically targeted skaters.

For instance, the Dunk Low flawlessly mixes the old-school style of puffy, comfy, and protective shoes with elite responsiveness.

It’s a perfect mix of thick and thin shoes that will keep your feet and toes safe from vehicle scuffs.

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski

Moving on, the Janoski is one of, if not the ideal, skate shoes in the market. However, there’s a catch: ‘if it weren’t so pricey.’

Yes, these nike sb shoes already have the appearance of a stylish sneaker.  But they also provide all the features you would expect from a skate shoe.

If we dive into its features, the shoe’s sole is thick, and the insoles have Zoom technology. Also, the original laces were made of leather, which means it is more resistant to grip tape.

Moreover, it ushered in a new era of slimmer skateboarding shoes, which were widely popular among men and women. It quickly became a “must-have” shoe for both skaters and fashionistas alike.

Nike SB Nyjah Free

If you’re into skateboarding these past few years, you may have heard about Nyjah Huston, a 25-time Street League Skateboarding champ.

The Nyjah Free collection includes laces and Ghillie loop eyelets, which aids your laces to endure longer. Also, it has a mesh shape to allow your feet to breathe.

Furthermore, the shoe’s rubber sole makes it extremely responsive. You don’t have time to waste to feel the effects.

Nike SB Blazers 

The next stop is the Nike SB Blazers, an iconic shoe that has been around for nearly a decade. The shoe’s longevity on the market isn’t as surprising when you think about the quality it renders.

When you step on your board, the shoe’s vulcanized sole and suede shape provide flexibility, stability, and durability.

Although Blazers Mid is the most popular among the general public because of better ankle protection, Blazers Low is a sure-fire for skating. You have the durability of Blazers with the movement of Low sneakers, which most freestyle boarders want to have.

Nike SB Shane

The Shane is Shane O’Neill’s first pro shoe, designed by the tech wizard himself. Shane used Stefan Janoski’s sneaker for a long period before designing his own.

His shoe includes two sorts of loops to keep your shoelaces from ripping out while doing tricks, and it has stronger padding all around.

Yes, nike sb shoes are great for skateboarders and not just limited to what we’ve mentioned above.

There are many things to consider, including the price and the brand, but seeing the landscape and details makes much more assurance.

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