5 Key Factors That Determines the Quality of Cannabis

Buying cannabis is legal in many states. People may buy cannabis online and in local shops and dispensaries. There are also KushMapper in Canada that ensure you receive your products the same day after making an order.

In addition, many marijuana vendors are offering different products, making it difficult to determine the quality of weed. Besides, choosing the strain heavily depends on your personal preferences.

Whichever way, chances are, you may still get low-quality weed. So to help you buy high-quality weed, the following are key factors to consider:


High-quality weed should easily break apart from its stem. If your weed compacts more and act like clay when you press it with your fingers, it means they are not cured and dried properly.

Weed can also be very compact due to its packaging when transporting it. This can as well affect weed’s taste and probably the ease of smoking it.


Quality standards of medical cannabis insist on marijuana taste during smoking or vaporization. High-quality weed must deliver a great combination of various flavors without being too harsh on users.

Low-quality cannabis is harsh on the throat, making you cough. Smelling and feeling the weed is important so as to determine the taste of your weed.

If you taste the cannabis, you will have a rough idea of what you are about to buy. Testing might be somehow difficult to determine the quality of your cannabis, especially when you are an inexperienced user.

3.Type of Product

There are basically three major types of marijuana products. These include hash oil, resin, and herb (marijuana).

Marijuana herb consists of crushed and dried leaves and flower heads. It normally has up to around 6% THC content.

But sinsemilla derived from unfertilized female plants will be more potent, while cannabis resin might have up to about 20%.


The presence of enough is a surefire way to determine how well-cared for and potent your weed is. Normally, trichomes are facets of white crystalline resin, which coats outside the most quality weed.

The thicker trichome layers are, the more potent your weed will be. Trichomes must generally be shiny, milky white, and look like a fully formed crystal under the microscope.

Trichomes have cannabinoids and terpenes responsible for effective and tasty weed. If your weed is touched between consumption and harvest, some trichomes can rub off, decreasing the product’s potency.

5.Seed and Stem Content

In the perfect world, you will have nothing but potent and beautiful weed in all your cannabis-related transactions. However, in the real world, a lot of cannabis you buy across the stress can be full of seeds and stems.

Basically, stems are less or more useless and can do only a little to help in your quest to become high. On the other hand, seeds can be worse since they tend to explode when set on fire.

Closing Remarks!

It becomes much easier to identify high-standard weed if you spend more time handling, smelling, and observing different kinds of cannabis.

High-quality weed also shares the same qualities. So, you may become a marijuana connoisseur by spending more time examining your weed before the next session.

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