5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Walk-in Showers For Your Bathroom Remodel

A walk-in shower means exactly as the name implies – a place where you can walk in to have a shower. Walk-in showers usually have no door so there is no restriction to the use of this kind of shower. There are different ways to design a walk-in shower. You can design it using a wet-room-style where you have a preformed shower mat laid under rules throughout the whole floor. You can also use a shower tray in the walk-in shower but the step from the room into the shower will be very low. However, showers without steps are quite preferable because they can be used by people who have a problem with curbs or those who use wheelchairs. If you fancy the idea of a walk-in shower but do not have enough conviction on why you should construct one, this article explains five reasons why you should consider a walk-in shower for your bathroom remodel.

1. Walk-in Showers Save Space:

With walk-in showers, you do not have to worry about having high trays or shower doors. A significant amount of space is created, taking away the high shower tray and shower door from a small room. So if you crave to have more space, a walk-in shower is an ideal idea for you. If the floor of your room is a wet-room-style floor, it makes it easy to fit the walk-in shower anywhere you want. You do not have to create space for the shower in your layout. You can pick any space when you are done planning your layout. It is even better if you use frameless glass. That way, the room will look larger than it is and more light will be able to penetrate. If you would love to have a walk-in shower but the design of your home does not allow such a thing, you can consider consulting with custom home builders. What they do is basically give you the home of your dreams. They will be paying attention to the smallest detail in order to come closer to what you want your home to look like.

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2. Walk-in Showers Are Easy To Use:

With traditional showers, you have to deal with doors and curbs before you can get into the shower, and this can be a problem if you have a disabled person, a little child, or someone with mobility problems in your house. However, with walk-in showers, these people can easily make use of the shower with little or no assistance. Also, you can use a double shower tap in your walk-in shower, making it possible to wash two or more kids at once. When you are hiring a contractor to remodel your bathroom, use contractors who will give you the best design for your bathroom. Contractors who handle bathroom remodeling in Sacramento are one of the best options. They know the kind of flooring to suggest if you are using a trayless shower and the kind of tray to suggest if you are using a shower tray.

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3. Walk-in Showers are Easy to Maintain:

Walk-in showers do not have handles or hinges, so there are fewer things to scrub when you are cleaning. You only have the showerhead and faucets. The glass used for walk-in showers is usually easy to clean. You can also get shower sprays that will help you repel the water on the glass after you use the shower. For the floor, you can clean that when you are doing the general cleaning for the house.

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4. Walk-in Showers Add Aesthetics to the House:

The design of walk-in showers adds beauty to the bathroom. If you are planning to sell or rent your house, it is a known fact that buyers will consider the state of the kitchen and bathroom before they rent a house. Walk-in showers can go a long way in influencing their decision.

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5. Walk-in Showers are Durable:

You do not want to install a shower that will require a change after a short time, do you? Another reason for you to consider walk-in showers for your bathroom remodel is that walk-in showers are durable. They can stand the test of time and you do not even have to do any replacements because hinges or handles are absent.

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Walk-in showers sound like a lot of luxury and most people will run away from the idea of a walk-in shower because they are scared of the price. It might come as a shocker but installing a walk-in shower in your bathroom does not cost as much as people think. Waterproofing the floor underneath might be quite pricey but you can use a visible tray instead.

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