5 things you shouldn’t do with a dispensary and things to watch out for

In countries where cannabis has been legalized, dispensers are familiar to people, but there are some things to keep in mind when using dispensers. From here, Introducing what you should not do with dispensary and what you should be careful about in the following 5 categories To do.

  • Use the word “drug”
  • Come to the store in a high state
  • Request a discount on merchandise
  • Annoying behavior for bad tenders
  • Visit for the first service only

Let’s take a closer look at each.

① Use of the word “drug”

The word drug is used to mean a drug. Exotics Dispensaries do not buy or sell illegal drugs. Like hospitals, we provide appropriate care to patients in accordance with the law. Be careful not to use the word drag easily let’s do it.

Visit the store in a high state

Please refrain from visiting the store when it is already high with cannabis. Neither you nor the bartender can choose the right one unless you are in a normal state of mind. Be careful as it can be a nuisance to bad tenders and other patients. Smoking cannabis around a store, such as in a parking lot, is also rude.

Request for discount on products

Negotiating discounts on merchandise is basically refused at any dispensary. Recognize that it is not the sale or purchase of illegal drugs. Dispensaries are operated for medical purposes and there is little price difference between stores. Requesting a discount is a nuisance so you should refrain from it.

Annoying behavior for bad tenders

Continuing to talk uselessly is a nuisance to the bad tender. Monopolizing the bud tender can be a nuisance to other patients. Bad Tender provides you with compassionate service as a job Let’s understand that.

Treating a bad tender like a friend or lover can be a nuisance. Please treat the bad tender with compassion and empathy. To express your gratitude, it is also recommended to give a tip.

Visit the store only for the first service

Depending on the dispenser, the service item will be provided when you use it for the first time, but please do not come to the store for the purpose of receiving only the service item. Service products are a bonus for those who purchase the product for the first time. let’s interpret it as. It is a nuisance for dispensaries to come to the store only for service items and not buy anything.

What to think about when Japanese people use dispensaries

What happens if a Japanese person uses a dispensary overseas? As a premise, under the Cannabis Control Law of Japan, possession, transfer, cultivation, etc. without a cannabis handling license are subject to punishment.

Let’s assume that the Japanese got cannabis from a dispensary in Hawaii. Hawaii is an American state and cannabis is legalized.

Even if a Japanese person possesses cannabis in Hawaii, where cannabis is legalized, it is unlikely that he will be arrested unless the evidence is held by the Japanese police. However, under federal law in the United States, cannabis is still designated as an illegal drug.

Federal law takes precedence over state law, so even if cannabis is legalized in Hawaii, you could be arrested. It’s wise not to easily get cannabis because it’s legal in Hawaiian Probably.

Summary: Dispensaries that are unfamiliar to Japanese people are medical cannabis pharmacies!

Dispensary represents a pharmacy that handles cannabis. Even in countries where cannabis is legal; the role of dispensaries is to sell medical cannabis is. The bad tenders who work there are also proud to be engaged in their work.

Overseas, where medical cannabis is becoming more legalized, the number of dispensaries that handle cannabis is increasing throughout the city. As the number of dispensaries increases, it can be said that the environment is becoming easier to receive medical treatment with cannabis.

However, cannabis is illegal in Japan. Even in foreign countries where it is legalized, it is subject to punishment for Japanese people to possess or buy or sell cannabis, so please do not do anything easily.

* Although we provide cannabis-related information on this media, we do not recommend possession or use of cannabis. Possession and cultivation of cannabis is strictly prohibited in Japan by law. Never use cannabis.

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