5 Ways an Upright Freezer Can Help You with Food Storage

Although a refrigerator freezer may provide enough room for food storage for a small family, an upright freezer can be convenient and help you save money in the long term. Ample freezer storage allows you to store bulk items such as pre-prepared meals, seasonal fruits, special event baking, wild game, and large cuts of meat.

Stick through the end of this article to find out the ways an upright freezer can make your life easier.

1. Organisation

One of the best features of an upright freezer is that it allows you to organise frozen foods better. Therefore, it is easier to monitor food items. Some upright freezers have flexible storage systems with adjustable bins, shelving, and pullout baskets.

This makes for an easier way of sorting and storing contents.

2. Accessibility

The hinged door in an upright freezer lets you easily get all your frozen food. This can be a huge advantage over other types, such as a fridge freezer drawer or a chest freezer.

3. Appearance

Upright freezers are designed with a single front panel door similar to a refrigerator. It also has the same height as a refrigerator. When it comes to its finish, most upright freezers are white, but they also come in stainless and black stainless. If you are lucky, you may even come across a bright red upright freezer which is terrific for adding a vintage look to your space.

4. Repair and maintenance

A majority of upright freezers are designed to be self-defrosting. Meaning some more parts and components may need repairs down the line, such as automatic heating elements, hoses, and drip trays. But as a trade-off, you don’t need to deal with the tedious task of manually defrosting an upright freezer.

5. Installation

An upright is more compact compared to chest models. Factor in the space available when considering the placement of your upright freezer. It needs enough room for height and width and the door swing space. Allot at least an inch behind it. Moreover, consider which direction the door swings and whether it is reversible.

Which type of upright freezer is right for your needs?

Floor space is a premium in most kitchens. For this reason, an upright freezer is perfect. In some cases, you might need a compact freezer that can fit under a counter or work area. You must make sure that the upright freezer fits your kitchen perfectly.

  • Mini freezers

Although mini freezers don’t have all the features of a larger upright freezer, this smaller version is a great way to save space. Some compact freezers even have icemakers and other essential features. But it is the small size of these units that make them a superb choice for space-challenged owners. Mini freezers usually come with 30 L of storage. Moreover, you don’t need to find a space for them on the floor since they are compact enough to be placed on counters and tabletops.

  • Undercounter freezers

Undercounter freezers are tidy and can be easily hidden. It will fit perfectly in most kitchens. Moreover, some models have helpful features such as flexible storage, fast freeze, and frost-free technology. Although an under-counter freezer is typically not built with an ice dispenser, they are reliable icemakers. They are also an excellent backup freezer if your main freezer is already filled up.

  • Tall freezers

Tall freezers have numerous features such as ice dispensers, icemakers and auto defrost. You can also find models with scratch-proof finish and temperature resistant doors. Moreover, their energy-efficient performance helps you save on monthly utility bills.

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