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6 Reasons Why People Are Obsessed With Stucco Painted Homes

Stucco is a type of masonry that is troweled by hand. Initially, it was made out of lime, water, and cement, but the contemporary world uses cement, water, and sand to make stucco paint. The old hacienda homes of the Deep South inspire this painting.

The result is a wall that looks like a mix of Mediterranean and Spanish architecture. Below are 6 reasons why people are obsessed with stucco-painted homes.

1. Seals Out Moisture

A common characteristic of stucco is that it absorbs water and becomes darker as it dries. Moisture hardly penetrates stucco paint, allowing its color to remain consistent. In addition, stucco paint keeps damp spots at bay, especially when done correctly.

As such, manufacturers have incessantly continued to enhance stucco paint making it more weather-resistant and making your home more attractive.

2. Covers Stains

It is not uncommon to find rust stains beneath window frames. The good thing about stucco is that it prevents these stains, primarily when professionals paint. You will hardly see any colors on the painted surface for years.

3. Stucco Paint Enhances The Look Of Your Home

The results you get from using stucco paint are straightforward and instantaneous. When visitors come over, they first notice your home’s exterior, and using stucco paint enables your home to have that positive first impression. As such, a professional can help you select the correct color among other color options to create a long-lasting impression in the minds of visitors.

4. You Can Sell Your Home Faster

If you plan to sell your home, repairs and innovations are the first things you consider before getting a prospective buyer. As previously stated, stucco paint enhances the aesthetics of your house. This means you are more likely to sell your home much faster and, at the very least, for a higher price.

5. Stucco Paint Protects Against UV Rays

Harmful UV rays can damage your home, and it is imperative to be mindful of these damages. In general, UV rays adversely affect the durability of your regular paint, even though the paint is usually the first line of defense against UV rays. The positive aspect of stucco paint is that it reduces the effects of UV rays.

Stucco helps fill all the cracks, crevices, and holes that appear when the color fades away. This is done by adding a level of protection against fading and wear, making the structure of your home stand the test of time.

6. Stucco Paint Helps Get Rid Of Exterior Stains

Homes are susceptible to many kinds of stains. Besides the reasons mentioned above, stucco paint offers extreme protection from all types of stains regardless of where they come from- something that regular paint cannot do. In essence, stucco paint eliminates all stains much faster and more efficiently.

In short, stucco paint is an excellent option if you are looking for camouflage paint.

Partner With A Reliable Company For Stucco Applications

You now know the main reasons why people prefer stucco-painted homes. It only makes sense to ensure that you get started with stucco paint to enjoy the benefits of using this type of paint. Ensure your home is adequately painted by trusting an experienced stucco painter who delivers top-notch results that can stand the test of time.

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