7 factors consider when purchasing a circular saw

A circular saw is a type of power saw that either uses an abrasive disc or blades to cut wood, plastic, or metal. It can be handheld or mounted on a machine depending on the magnitude of work to be performed.

Circular saws come in different varieties in terms of power, size, and braking system that influence the overall functioning of the saw in the different cutting jobs. Industrial uses such as slicing metals and cutting large size timbers in sawmills require high-performing saws as compared to home carpentry where the workload is lighter.

Consider the following when looking for one;


Always ensure that the blade is of premium quality especially if the saw is going to be used for industrial purposes like in sawmills to cut largely sized timbers. High-quality blades come in handy when dealing with large amounts of materials since the transition from one material to the next is seamless, improving efficiency, clearing of tasks, and more importantly, reducing maintenance costs.


The most crucial thing to consider is the volume of materials to be cut. For example, when the saw is used for cutting heavy metals the machine should be 1700 watts or more while when it is for home carpentry it should be 800 watts allowing users to achieve their desired designs with ease.


Different saws have different braking systems ranging from manual to electric depending on the energy levels of the saw. They also have different power generations depending on the scope of work that they are designed to cover and lastly, different user frequency which is informed by the ability of a particular saw to be able to withstand differently any form of high or low frequency when performing a particular task.


Circular saws are best known for 90-degree cuts or straight cuts. This is enhanced by the presence of a high number of teeth in the blade which allows users to make a smooth cut since the machine gets rid of all unwanted materials and fewer number teeth for fast and abrasive cuts that do not require a specific format when cutting.


Often lookout for a saw that has a larger diameter to enable you to cover a large surface area at once. The saw should also possess sharp teeth which are critical especially in cutting metals such as bronze, brass, and steel into smaller and appropriate sizes which are more friendly to users who purchase them. This ends up affecting circular saw price in Kenya.


The circular saw comes in different shapes and sizes meaning that the diameter will vary according to the saw you purchase and we all know that the diameter helps in covering the surface area when cutting. For instance, professional carpenters require a saw that is highly tolerant to frequencies hence would require a circular saw with a longer diameter for optimal performance.


This is mostly affected by the skills needed in setting up a circular saw to perform a specific duty. Circular saws that are mounted on a machine are more expensive than those that are handheld since they are efficient and durable when performing different cutting jobs, unlike the handheld one which performs lighter tasks like cutting logs into firewood.

Circular saws are mainly used for large construction and infrastructural sites to help cut down different materials but they can also be used in home carpentry for premium furniture.

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