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Keeping our skins clear and healthy is a task many people struggle with. But for models, it is their livelihood at stake so they’ve become almost like skincare gurus in that many people look to them for tips and advice on how to keep our skins looking young and beautiful. Most models nowadays turn to Korean skincare brands like Dr Jart for their skincare needs, as traditionally Korean skincare is about focusing on gentle, natural ingredients that aren’t harsh on the skin and leave it glowing. Below are some skincare tips models turn to.

1. Double up on masks

When it comes to keeping the skin clear, balance is very important. Ripping away the oil in the skin without replacing the nutrients it needs is going to cause all kinds of trouble. The best way to achieve clear and healthy skin is through a face mask after a good cleansing. And there’s nothing better than a hydrating mask than following it up with a nourishing mask to ensure the skin has what it needs to grow healthy skin cells.

2. Use a lot of moisturizers

Models are expected to be at their very best when out and about. Often times they have to put on makeup to maintain their image of beauty. However, makeup can lead to all sorts of skin issues. It’s a well-known industry hack to always moisturize the face after every day of photoshoots and shows. This ensures that the skin is hydrated. Bella Hadid cites Cetaphil as her favorite moisturizer. And the best part is any drugstore carries it.

3. Tea tree oil

Many of us are prone to breaking out and it can’t be helped. Many factors affect it. We can, however, be prepared when it does happen. Tea tree oil is known to have antibacterial properties making it ideal for cleansing the pores and killing all the bacteria that live in it. Cleansing products infused with tea tree oil or a tea tree oil toner. Both will do the job of scrubbing away makeup and other debris off the face, leaving it rejuvenated.

4. Steam does wonders

It’s safe to assume that when models are on their downtime, the last thing they want is to put on makeup. But in order to maintain their looks, they make up for it by doing everything they can to ensure that their skins are looking their best. One such tip that even Olivia Hunter recommends is doing your own at-home facial steam. All you need is a bowl of hot water with mint tea; use a towel to cover your head while your face is over the bowl. It’ll help to clear our pores as well as our sinuses.

5. Toothpaste against acne

When we go through lists of skincare hacks on reereviews, we often see the tip that talks about toothpaste being an excellent acne-killer. Well, it seems that the modeling industry has proven this tip to be true. Both supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid swore by this hack. Toothpaste dries the pimple quickly. Keep in mind, however, that it can also drive the rest of the skin area making the skin even more irritated so use this sparingly and only during emergencies.

6. Pick a routine

We often hear about this next tip from friends and in the modeling industry. It’s been proven to be quite effective but it requires sticking to a routine. The great news is there is no one skincare routine to applies to everyone’s type of skin which means you are free to mix and match with certain steps as well as products. Make sure your routine is one that really works for your skin and one that you can stick by. No matter how effective a routine maybe if it has multiple steps or requires expensive products that can’t be sustainable.

7. Ice can firm up your face

When you’re in a bind, you can always plump your face up by icing it. Admittedly, it is not the most pleasant way to treat your skin but many models like Jasmine Tookes says icing her face at night can help tighten it and help with blood circulation. You can splash your face with cold water or wrap the ice in a cloth to make your face less puffy. You can even do these just hours before you go out, say, to a fashion show.

Do these and watch your face transform from drab to glam. And it’s worth remembering that ensuring the health of the skin is an investment worth making just as much as the rest of the body and mind.

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