9 Easy Steps to Create a Website for Hotels

Do you want to create a great hotel’s website? This is a wise decision because the company’s website is the first thing that will attract the potential clients. The majority of your marketing decisions will be based on the ultimate goal of enticing potential guests to visit your hotel’s website and book directly. 

Here are 8 simple tips for having a good hotel website to grow your business and gain a better reputation and presence. 

  • Website’s primary goals

You have to keep in mind that the primary goals of your website from a customer’s perspective is to: 

  • Provide users with clear and precise information related to their search criteria. 
  • Assure them of the hotel’s quality, value and significance.  Make it a dream for them to experience and stay at your hotel. 
  • Enable them to easily check rates and availability so they book their rooms as soon as possible. 

This means that the template (structure and design) of your website automatically adapts to all types of screen devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) for an optimal viewing experience. Most people nowadays use their phones or tablets to access the Internet, especially while traveling.

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If your latest best rates are advertised on the home page, or the room rates appear next to the room descriptions, your conversion ratio will almost certainly increase. 

  •  Simple Navigation 

You require a fully functional website with fast loading content and images. When looking for information on the internet, it can be annoying to come across a site that is delayed and takes too long to load. Some travelers may see this as an opportunity to visit a different website.

A Website Booking Engine allows you to check the rates and availability for specific dates. It is typically included as part of your Channel Manager package. The Channel Manager is a tool that will allow you to automate the management of your various online distribution channels (Expedia,, Easy-to-book, etc.).

  • Reservation engines

A Website Booking Engine allows you to look up rates and availability for specific dates. It is typically included as part of your Channel Manager package. The Channel Manager is a tool for centralizing and automating the management of your various online distribution channels (Expedia,, Easy-to-book, etc.).

Simple Marketing Strategies for Hotel Websites 

4- Create a Design That’s Simple

Select a simple and light design that both respects and highlights your brand and logo graphic chart. At first glance, the design must transcribe your hotel positioning (your concept; the features that make your hotel unique and interesting).

5- Have a Clear Menu

Have a well-defined structure and menu that makes navigation simple and easy. The visitor should be able to find all of the information he or she is looking for quickly and easily. Create an effective interlink between your various web pages to make navigation even easier.

6- Professional pictures must be posted

A picture is worth a thousand words; make your website visually appealing! To improve Search Engine Ranking, keep the text simple and use as many keywords as possible.

Rather than reading lengthy room descriptions, travellers prefer visual stimulus in the form of images and videos that encourage them to better visualize and experience your property.

7- You must communicate with your potential guests

Communicate on a regular basis through a blog or on social media to inform visitors of several activities, experiences and news that may be an interest to them. 

Your visitors will eventually share the relevant content on their social networks, which will improve your Search Engine ranking. When having issues on who exactly to target, PRISM, a web design agency in Dubai will make sure to do the whole work for you and target the right people for your business. Make sure to get in touch with them on: [email protected]

8- Content in multiple languages

If you want to gain international visibility, you should start by translating your website into the various local languages of the countries you want to target. This does not only guarantee you a higher ranking on Google, Bing, or other Search Engines for each country, but it also provides a great convenience to potential guests and encourages them to book directly through your website.

9- Select an easy-use booking engine

The first thing you need to ask yourself is if your guests are able to book through your website. Most businesses loose when there there’s not a booking engine on the website. Aside from making the booking simpler and faster, you will want to ensure an easy process to book rooms, show the available rooms for booking, clearly display rates and add extras easily. 

With these hotel management tips, you’ll be able to provide the best hotel experience possible while also marketing it in ways that attract large amounts of business. 

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