9 Hidden Health Benefits of Cannabis

As scientists share more and more information about the health benefits of cannabis, you sometimes can’t help but wonder:

What took them so long?

After all, people have used cannabis for its health properties for millennia. It is a plant, and like many plants, offers humanity an array of unique advantages.

Still, either medical or recreational cannabis use is still illegal in many U.S. states, so its virtues are still not completely extolled. But we won’t let that stop us!

Here are nine hidden benefits of cannabis.

1. It May Help You Lose Weight

This is a hidden health benefit to many, especially those who associate cannabis with having “the munchies.”

In actuality, cannabis can actually help you lose weight, not gain. This is because it helps your body manage its caloric intake better. Additionally, cannabis can increase your body’s insulin-regulating prowess.

These are also reasons why cannabis is considered ideal for those who have diabetes.

2. It Can Reduce Parkinson’s Disease Tremors

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurological disorder that leads to loss of motor skills and coordination. It is also characterized by uncontrollable tremors and seizures.

Studies show that cannabis reduces tremors in Parkinson’s Disease patients. This may be due to the fact that it improves motor skills. It also reduces pain and helps promote better sleep.

3. It May Kill Cancer

Cannabis is a plant with many different components that have their own unique features. And from the cannabis plant comes a slew of ingredients that form various strains with specific benefits.

So much so that cancer researchers were inspired to use the cannabis plant in their work. And, these scientists modified a specific cannabis strain that actually kills cancer cells.

You can read more about that genius discovery here.

4. It Helps You Kiss Depression Goodbye

Depression is another serious disease that strikes millions across the globe.

Fortunately, there’s a cannabis strain for that. Actually, there’s a compound found in cannabis that moderates mood disorders, providing peace of mind to depression sufferers everywhere.

5. It Can Treat Glaucoma

Possibly one of the very first health benefits accepted by the general public: cannabis treats glaucoma.

This is less of a secret as to how it works. One of the hallmark symptoms those with glaucoma experience is heavy, painful pressure on their eyes.

Cannabis temporarily relieves that pressure, due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

6. It Can Alleviate PTSD Symptoms

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder afflicts people of all ages and occupations who have undergone a traumatic episode.

Because of the severity of the symptoms some PTSD sufferers experience, it can severely affect them both mentally and physically.

However, cannabis has been shown to reduce the brain’s fight or flight response, which is what those with PTSD struggle to control.

7. It Slows Down Brain Aging

Cognitive degeneration is a natural part of aging. But with some people, this can go from natural to full-blown crisis, especially when it leads to diseases like Alzheimer’s.

But cannabis can help keep the brain young. This is thanks to its endocannabinoid compound, which is responsible for its robust anti-inflammatory response in the brain.

8. It May Be the Perfect Anxiety Treatment

Similar to how it provides comfort to depression and PTSD sufferers, cannabis also helps treat anxiety.

This is another hidden benefit, since many people may associate cannabis with causing anxiety. In actuality, though, research shows that CBD, a cannabis compound, reduces feelings of anxiety by triggering a change in blood flow to areas of the brain.

9. It Can Relieve Symptoms of IBS

Cannabis is shown to work wonders in people with irritable bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

How? Cannabis works a couple of miracles in one, boosting immune response and warding off bacteria that afflict the stomach and intestines. Together, it can keep troubled guts far less stressed and prone to discomfort.


The more research that follows cannabis studies, the more positive information we seem to learn.

Cannabis is truly a super plant, capable of defending our minds and bodies from disease, aging, and infections.

These are nine of the hidden health benefits of cannabis that we currently know. Just imagine what future research holds.

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