According to Bangladesh Bank, the standard of agent banking in Bangladesh is increasing

Incidentally, agent banking activities were launched on January 17, 2014, to provide banking services to people of all walks of life. Bank Asia first started offering agent banking services. Now twenty-four banks are providing this service in Bangladesh. Agent banking services are running in about 15,000 outlets across the country. More than 13 thousand crore rupees have been deposited in this service.
According to Bangladesh Bank, 72 lakh customers have opened accounts through this new banking program till September 2020. This number is expected to reach close to one crore by the end of December.

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Agent banking has been providing services in Bangladesh since 2014

According to the Bangladesh Bank report, the number of agents in the country has increased to 10,163 in September last year, which was 6,270 in March last year. At the end of the month September, the number of outlets has increased to 14,018, which was 11,065 in March. At the end of the month, September, the number of subscribers increased to 72 lakh 21 thousand 793 people, 84 lakh 96 thousand 451 people in March. In other words, the number of customers has increased by 18 lakh 24 thousand 442 in 6 months.
It is learned that out of the new accounts opened in March-September, the number of women’s accounts was around eight lakh. As a result, the number of women customers has increased to 36 lakh 49 thousand, 29 lakh 58 thousand in March.

Banking is becoming more reliable in bringing remittances from abroad.

In March this number was 55 lakh 73 thousand. In other words, the number of rural people has increased by 15 lakh 29 thousand in 6 months.
Deposits in agent banking increased to Tk 13,040 crore in September from Tk 8,535 crore in March. Deposits have increased by Tk 4,505 crore during this period. Till September, the loan disbursement was Tk 1,008 crore, which was Tk 63 crore in March. 413 crore has been increased.

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