Agent Banking is Ahead of Islami Bank

Agent banking activities started in 2014 have now reached remote areas of the country. The transaction in the agent branch of some banks is the same as in the branch bank. In particular, the agent branches of Islami Bank provide the same services as the main bank, so that the agent branches of Shariah-based Islami Bank are moving fast.
According to Islami Bank, all their agents are doing profit-based banking like the main bank. On average, 4 to 5 people are providing services in each outlet of Agent Bank. They are all locally recruited workers. Apart from spreading banking services in remote areas, Agent Bank is also playing a big role in creating employment. Islami Bank’s agent banking services alone have created about 11,000 jobs.

Islami Bank is the most trusted bank for sending money to expatriates.

According to the data, during the Corona epidemic, Islami Bank had launched 1,261 new agent outlets in 2020. At this time, 6 lakh 42 thousand new accounts have been opened through agent banking. Deposits have increased by Tk 3,315 crore. In 2020, the expatriate income of Tk 47,626 crore came to the country through Islami Bank. Of this, Tk 22,200 crore has been disbursed through agent banking.


are opening new accounts in agent banking to receive expatriate income and deposit money.

It was found out that the money sent by the expatriates in Corona is also coming from the agent branches of Islami Bank. Many are opening new accounts in agent banking to receive expatriate income and deposit money. Many are opening accounts before going abroad. Many have also opened accounts with agents for the convenience of accessing and saving services next to the home.
Meanwhile, the data of Bangladesh Bank says that in just seven years, the number of Agent Bank customers has increased to close to one crore.

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