Agent Banking Service is Booming

Agent banking services of banks have also been introduced at the union level. Agents have introduced school banking in addition to depositing, disbursing loans, and expatriate income.
Not only that, the agents are now distributing allowances for the government’s social security program. However, Dutch-Bangla Bank, Bank Asia, and a couple of other banks, including grocery shopkeepers, who have been hired as agents, have reportedly lost some of their confidence in this service.

The branches of Islami Bank are ready to provide services at the village level.

The exception is Islami Bank. The customers of the bank’s villages are getting remittances from abroad through well-trained agent bankers in a short period. Everyone is going with the electricity bill. Thousands of customers come every month to deposit DPS money. Many are saving one million, two million, or more as different types of profit-based savers.

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Customers can withdraw money when their insurance term expires and also deposit premium money. Retired government officials and employees are collecting pension money from the agent branch. Teachers are raising their salaries every month. School-college students are coming here to save money whenever they get a chance. Starting from farmers, small and big traders are also opening accounts in the agent branch.

The agent banking services of Islami Bank have made people interested.

Muhammad Monirul Maula, managing director of Islami Bank, said agent banking activities started in 2014. Islami Bank started its activities in 2016. In a very short period, the agent banking services of Islami Bank have made people interested. Agent banking of Islami Bank has reached 482 Upazilas of the country. At present, 2,026 agents across the country are associated with the service. Agent banking of Islami Bank is now at the top position in terms of remittance collection and remittances.

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