All You Need to Know About Sollatek Avs 30

Nobody really wants their home or business appliances to get destroyed by bad voltage supply. This has to be the core reason why most or rather everyone needs to secure their homes and business places from unstable power supplies, power surges, lightning surges among many others. With sollatek avs 30, you can be sure to be accountable for your electronics safety. We will now venture more into it.

Under voltage and over voltages have been known to be the biggest menaces of electrical appliances. Damage of an appliance can be quite costly to resolve and make it right. It is either you purchase another one or take it for repair which is almost equally the same with purchasing a new one. Securing them with a proper guard is one sure way of avoiding damages.

  • Description

The sollatek avs 30 is one reliable guard against unstable power supplies ranging from under voltage, over voltage, power surges, power fluctuations, power back surges among others.  It also protects appliances during sudden power cuts. Occasionally, appliances might get their fuses burnt during the repeatedly power back and off but with sollatek, you have been saved the risk.

  • Specifications

Sollatek avs 30 runs on a maximum current of 30 Amps and power of 7200 Watts. It is mostly recommended for large freezers, air conditioners, home refrigerators, big office appliances, large circuits and many other large power consuming appliances. In spite of having all these specifications and good qualities, sollatek avs 30 price in Kenya is quite manageable.

  • Why have a stable power supply?

People tend to not pay attention to damages caused after their appliances have been damaged but looking at it, it costs quite a lot of money. However, it is cheaper if you invest on a good power supply guard just like sollatek avs 30 compared to the amount you would incur on damages. A stable power supply would go a long way but its always unpredictable hence having power guards is wise.

  • Installation

This has to be one of the easiest guards to install. Following the manuals instructions will have you on your way. You need to first ensure that the sollatek avs 30 cables are not connected to the mains before proceeding. If already wired, all that will be needed is for you to insert the cables all through to the connector terminals. Screw the caps to cover up to prevent naked cables exposure and dangers.


Getting insightful information like this might not seem to be important but you can never understand the importance until appliance damages hit you. Since its so easy to get hold of them and installation is easy as well, you should definitely go for it. At such affordable prices, your appliances have a guaranteed safety from all risks pertaining unstable power supply. Incase you need a guard for your electric appliances, Sollatek is the place to be. Check in and you will never regret the choice. What are you waiting for?

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