All you need to know when buying a women’s shirt

A women’s shirt has long been a fashion statement. Today, they are available in various sizes, styles, and patterns to cater to various occasions’ needs. Whether you are looking for womens shirts for office or casual, you will find various collections. Women’s western shirts come in all varieties, from striped, plain, and rhinestone, to oversize or fitting. No shirt style is superior to another; shirt fashions change with time, yet some timeless designs exist.

Do you know why shirts are a favourite choice of most women? Shirts are wearable with anything, such as stilettos, boots, sneakers, and sandals. Shirts are adaptable and easily accessorised with jewellery, belts, or even scarves. Women’s western shirts are wonderful for a mix-and-match wardrobe style.

Different styles of women’s shirts

Dress shirts

Dress shirts are always worn with dressier bottoms like blazers, jackets, and pants. Button-down alternatives rank among the classiest and most elegant outfits. A stiff collar and a placket that extends down to the bottom are typical features of these garments. They are often worn with a suit, tie or blazer for a business event. Anyone who intends to attend a fancy party or formal event must have them.

Casual shirt

Pick up a casual shirt, without a doubt, if you enjoy donning shorts, chinos, and jeans. Many designs feature adjustable waistbands or shoulder tabs that can be adjusted. There come in a huge variety of designs and styles; from short-sleeved to sleeveless and cropped, you will find numerous options for outdoor activities.

Tees, polos, and henley

Tees, Henleys and Polos, are popular ones always in style because of their straightforward yet timeless design. You can pair them with jeans, shorts, cargo pants or maxi skirts for a casual style. Additionally, they have a generally charming appeal, and you can personalise them by accessorising them with caps, scarves, beads, and other items. Moreover, purchasing these inventive shirt designs is highly advised if you search for stylish casual topwear.

Things to consider when buying women’s shirts

Undoubtedly, you will find various designs and styles of shirts available in the market; however, finding a perfectly fitted shirt can take time and effort. Every woman has a different body type and unique physique; therefore, they need differently tailored shirts. You keep this in mind, manufacturers design shirts for ladies of all shapes and sizes. To find a perfect fit, you must determine your size and compare your bust and waist measurements to the brand’s size chart. Besides this, you would need to consider the following two critical factors:

Sleeve length

Undoubtedly, one crucial aspect that affects how shirts look overall is the length of the sleeves. The tops’ sleeves might be full-size, half-size, three-quarter-length, or capped. Full sleeves, often known as long sleeves, extend to the wrist. The bicep is where the short or half sleeves terminate, while the three-quarter style ends between the wrist and elbow. Then there are the shoulder-length capped ones.

Different styles of collar

Women’s tops’ collars are designed to give them more personality. Typically, you’ll discover that the collars on women’s tops are either flat or stick up. Although blouses with straight collars give you a more conventional style, straight collars are typical in formal attire. However, rounder collars provide a more relaxed appearance.

Cut style

The womens shirts have a distinct shape because of the various cut styles. Women’s boxy and loose-fitting shirts typically feature seams from the armpit to the hem, whereas fitted shirts have a princess cut. Numerous styles of empire tops and long tops for women, which often flair out at the bottom, frequently feature a trapeze-shaped pattern.

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