Fill out an application online, call the bank, invite a bank manager to the office of your organization, or contact a bank employee at the nearest client center or sales counter. Their employee will explain all the loan terms to you, answer your questions and help you fill out the loan application.

To complete the application, you will need:

  • passport
  • mobile phone
  • your SNILS number
  • your employer’semployer’s TIN

The “First Postal” loan is available to citizens of any country, aged 18 and over, who have permanent registration in any constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

The “Preferential” loan is available to citizens of the country who have permanent registration in any constituent entity of the country who receive a pension. Additionally, it is necessary to present a pension certificate or a certificate from the Pension Fund confirming the receipt of a labour pension or a pension certificate from the country’s Ministry of Defence. The “Preferential Special” loan is available for pensioners receiving their pension at Post Bank.

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Get a decision on your apply for instant cash loans and complete the contract at the nearest client centre, sales counter or bank manager.

The decision on the application will be made by the bank no later than the next business day. After receiving an SMS about the approval of the loan, contact the client centre or the bank’s sales counter within seven days if your application is made there. If you made an application on the website, the preliminary decision is valid for 30 days.


When applying for a loan, their employee will issue you a Savings Account with a card free of charge and issue a Visa card. The PIN code will be sent to her in an SMS message.

The card will enable you to withdraw cash at any ATM that accepts Visa cards and pay for purchases in stores around the world or on the Internet.

Your obligations under the loan come into effect from the moment of registration of the loan agreement. You can receive funds from the Savings Account immediately or in necessary parts.

You can get cash without commission at any ATM of Post Bank and VTB; for withdrawing cash from ATMs of other banks, Post Bank charges a commission – 1% of the amount issued. A third-party bank other than VTB may limit the amount withdrawn at a time.

To make the use of the card only enjoyable, observe security measures when withdrawing cash, paying for purchases in stores and on the Internet.Today, getting money in an emergency is no longer a problem. We can choose from hundreds of offers from banks and credit companies. But what if our creditworthiness is questionable and no institution wants to provide financial support? Then you can use an online loan without a credit check. What conditions you have to meet to get it you must be known.

 Microloans via the Internet

Microloans via the Internet on the site without data verification are based on the absence of a procedure for verifying an individual in the debtor’s database. This is a good alternative for people who want to receive money quickly and without additional formalities.

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It is not difficult for you to apply for loans without checking your credit rating. When it comes to loans that require a financial institution account, you have a better chance with a store lender than with an online financial loan provider. Most loans without a bank account are little known to potential lenders, but once you get the facts, you will likely find that getting financing today and getting the cash you need is surprisingly easy.

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