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Are the Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillows for Tub Machine Washable?

Probably one of the most important features that each bath pillow should be equipped with is being able to be cleaned properly for further use. Everlasting Comfort bath pillows for tub, Kandoona Luxury Bathtub Pillow and Bath Haven Bath Pillow remain some of the best bath pillows available that allows the owner to thoroughly wash the product, regularly, while still maintaining the product’s integrity. However, initially practicing good hygiene could really help keep the bath pillow clean. Keeping the bathroom clean should be job number one for someone who owns a bath pillow. This should slow down the spread of mildew and mold and reduce the occurence of other types of bacteria. Remember in a humid, moist environment, a bath pillow can easily develop mildew and mold  during the course of its use. So knowing how to wash, and dry them properly becomes paramount.

Ways To Wash A Bath Pillow

Bath pillow owners should vacuum the fabric of their bath pillow regularly. It is advised that they use the crevice tool of their vacuum cleaner for this purpose, and it will remove the dirt and dust that may have accumulated on the fabric. However if there are stains, the combination of vinegar and baking soda works wonders for breaking up stains that might occur on a bath pillow. In addition to that, baking soda has been known to carry anti-fungal properties, which should be effective against mold, fungus and mildew. In order to get the best results what someone needs to do is add some diluted vinegar to their bathtub pillow and work in the baking soda so that it creates a kind of paste, scrubbing with a sponge or a used toothbrush. It is done this way because the reaction of the two is what breaks up the mildew – and other bacteria – not the chemical combination itself. The person cleaning the bath pillow should continue to scrub diligently to make sure they get all of that mildew out and then leave the pillow out to air dry which should kill more bacteria. After this process, if they want to, the person could repeat it again and again if they are not satisfied or didn’t get everything out. Once finished they could gently rinse their bath pillow and leave it out to dry again until their next use.If the bath pillow is carrying a foul odor, it could be deodorized by sprinkling baking soda on it. For optimal results, let the baking soda sit on the fabric for a few hours before vacuuming it off.

If there are thoughts of using bleach. First a person should check their pillow’s material and where it came from. The reason for this check is because some bath pillows may not be made of materials that work well with bleach, and there could actually end up being more harm than good done by using this cleaning agent. Non-chlorine bleach is recommended to be the safest option when it comes to cleaning while oxygen bleach in powder form makes for a good system of cleaning that is similar to the first one. Bleach is a very strong chemical, so there will be a need for a lot more water and a lot less bleach. The person cleaning the bath pillow should mix a very small amount of bleach with a large amount of water, then scrub like normal, making sure to get all of the stains and mildew and mildew stains out of their pillow. Once completed, or when they are satisfied then, again they could rinse their pillow and leave it to air dry.

And, as bleach is a common household cleaner, the leftover solution could be used to continue cleaning the bathroom. That and the baking soda and vinegar combination could be used to get out any suspicious spots in and around the bathtub, tiled walls, or shower curtain.

Both concoctions should also be used for the general upkeep of a person’s bathroom. People should remember to make sure to keep the solution diluted because bleach, undiluted, is very strong and could affect a person’s health adversely.

Are the Bath Pillows for Tub, Machine Washable?

Another way to properly clean a bath pillow is to get it washed in a washing machine. To get the bath pillow ready, one has to separate the suction cups from the bathtub’s surface. When washing, place the bath pillow in the mesh bag that normally comes with the product, so that the suction cups don’t stick to the surface inside the washing machine and to prevent the bath pillow’s material from getting snags. Machine wash on cold or gentle cycle, a little fabric softener could be added to the wash water as well and then dry on low heat or fluff air cycle for 30 minutes or less. In extreme cases, and a person wants to sanitize their bath pillow, they can put it in the dishwasher. The bath pillow owner should just make sure that it is placed on the top rack – of the dishwasher – and sanitize cycle is used. A sanitize cycle will typically increase the heat during the main wash and finish with an even hotter final rinse. Sanitize settings can add up to 1.5 hours to the overall wash cycle so some people might not have the time to monitor this extra action.

As was aforementioned, Everlasting Comfort, Kandoona Luxury and Bath Haven are a few of the bath pillow brands that not only facilitate but encourage their product being cleaned in the best ways possible. They encourage this by finding the best materials, such as mesh over a foam filling and inflatable plastic, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to make their pillows not only extremely comfortable but sturdy enough to be able to be washed several times over after use.

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