Are You Considering Breast Implants? Here’s What You Need to Know

Your breasts aren’t as perky and firm as before, and you worry about how you will face the world with dwindling self-confidence. We understand your breasts are an integral part of your aesthetic appearance and overall self-confidence. A study published in the Genome journal shows breast tissues age faster than any other body tissue. However, you can restore sagging breasts and impart the full appearance you desire. How? You ask. East Windsor breast implants experts use FDA-approved breast implant and augmentation techniques to regain your fully contoured youthful breasts. Here’s what you need to know before scheduling an implant appointment.

Why do breasts sag?

The natural process of aging impedes collagen production resulting in saggy skin. Your breasts, which can swing up to 6 inches, sadly bear the most brunt. While age is the main factor, other factors play a major role in breast sagging, including:

  •         Body mass index (BMI) – Women with a higher body mass index tend to have larger boobs than women with lower BMI. Larger boobs sag more when gravity acts on them.
  •         Gravity- Over time, gravity pulls your breasts down and stretches breast ligaments.
  •         The number of pregnancies- The number of pregnancies influences how much your breast ligaments stretch. During pregnancy, your boobs become heavy with milk and stretch when the baby suckles them. Breasts usually regain their shape, but after multiple pregnancies, the loss of elasticity tends to be permanent.
  •         Weight loss and gain- Rapid weight gain or weight loss stretches or shrinks your skin and causes natural perkiness in your breasts.
  •         Hormone fluctuation- hormone fluctuation during menopause affects breast volume and causes breast tenderness.
  •         Genetics- Genes affect your breast size and shape. You may find you have rounder boobs or drooping boobs naturally.
  •         Exercise- High-intensity exercises strain your breasts ligament, and the swing sustained during exercise causes them to droop.

How to choose the right breast implant

A self-examination at least once a month will keep you updated with your breast size and shape. Once you notice the onset of aging, it is time to get an implant for breast augmentation or contouring. How do you determine a suitable implant that will restore the perkiness and confidence you want?

There are two basic types of breast implants; saline breast implants made of silicone that offer more feel of the breast tissue, and saline prosthetics made of saline water that give a firmer feel to your boobs.

When choosing your breast implant, the doctor will measure the size of your boobs, and the intended shape of your breasts will aid in choosing a suitable implant. Implants are measured in volumetric size, and the doctor will inform you of the risks and body fat requirements for each implant before you decide on a particular one.


Can I breastfeed after getting implants?

Yes. There have been no clinical reports indicating health defects in babies of mothers who get implants to restore firmer breasts.

What are the risks of breast implants?

With saline breast implants, water gets absorbed in the skin when they rupture. Silicone implants pose a threat when they rupture. However, the risks are manageable. Certain types of implants cause large cell lymphoma, which is a type of cancer.


Breast implants help you regain your confidence and restore a wonderful aesthetic appearance. If you consider breast implants, then Matthew J. Lynch MD Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is the qualified center to visit. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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