Battling Varicose Veins? Here’s What You Ought To Do

Statistics show that for every five adults, one has varicose veins. These twisted and bulging veins need immediate medical intervention before they worsen. It’s lovely to seek guidance from a specialist as they know how to manage the pain and prevent other complications. In Aventura, Florida, some board-certified cardiologists can offer the proper remedies. Finding reliable facilities is significant as you can be sure of quality solutions. Pay a visit to these specialists in vein & vascular in Aventura, Florida. Having some knowledge of varicose veins makes you better armed in dealing with the condition.

What Are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are usually the veins that experience some buildup of blood when the valves malfunction. It typically results in gradual accumulation, making the veins bulge and twists outwards due to the increasing volume. Generally, healthy valves allow only the forward movement of blood. When a valve allows some blood to leak back, it forms the blood pool within the vessels.

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Are There Risk Factors?

Despite there being common causes of varicose veins, the main one being failing valves, certain factors make you more prone to having varicose veins. One of the risk factors is obesity. By being overweight, your vascular system tends to experience some challenges in allowing a smooth blood flow. It can sometimes result from the clogging of the veins. It may, in turn, interfere with the structure of the valves.

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Secondly, family history is a significant risk factor. If you have a close relative or relative with the condition, chances are you may suffer from the same. However, this does not always happen, especially when you lead a healthy lifestyle. It’s, therefore, to be more vigilant when in a family with many members suffering from varicose veins. Deep vein thrombosis is the third risk factor that can propagate the condition more. The same case happens to pregnancy and child-bearing in general.

Key Symptoms of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are noticeable and easily detected by many. This is due to the visible twisted and bulging veins. They mostly emerge at the legs. However, other symptoms are characteristic of the health condition, itchiness and pain. When the varicose veins appear, you may notice some spider veins, which are usually less severe.

Sometimes you may feel the legs being heavier. Often, you will find the skin around the legs changing color. This discoloration occurs gradually with time, whereby it becomes more the problem is left untreated for long. The persistent leg cramps sometimes can emerge.


If you’re in the first stages, the compression socks can work for you. This can primarily help in increasing the blood flow. They then encourage you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Besides, they have a better treatment option whenever the noninvasive treatments fail to work. They utilize sclerotherapy and endovenous ablation.

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Varicose veins commonly arise whenever the valves become faulty; the buildup of blood results in the gradual bulging and twisting of the veins. Luckily, some specialists are ready to offer the right treatments. They, therefore, help you overcome the pain and prevent further complications. They start by using conservative treatments then proceed to advancement solutions when the results aren’t promising.

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