Be a Super Mom and a Figure in the Business World with the Iconic Artist Paige Michelle

People think that to be a great mother, you need to be at home and stay as a wife and mother. People forget that women have inner giants that they can fully explore and be successful. Women can create something big and impact so many people. Paige Michelle has leveraged her music talent to build women in her coaching business. Additionally, and for the first time in history, someone is using music in conjunction with the system of human design. Through her affirmation album, she helps mothers find happiness and fulfillment in life and business. 

This Human Potential expert, entrepreneur, and mommy mogul says otherwise and shows mothers that they too can create their empire in business and life. Women can also create a balance between work and all their relationships.

The Journey of Paige Michelle

Paige grew up in Marion, Ohio. She did not do well in school simply because she was much into drinking and strip clubs. Paige failed out of college, was arrested twice, and went back home to do waitressing. She then got into paralegal in her way and helped build the business into a full-blown practice. 

She also decided to explore her creative self by blogging, which turned out to be a small organic social media coaching business. She got married and had her firstborn while her business crashed. She also left her husband when she was pregnant with her second child and lived in her parent’s basement. 

She, however, got right up like the Queen and Mutha she is to rebuild her self-development business to six figures. Her bounce back was exceptional, as she did $1M in only three years—the fruits of all her hard work. 

The Come Up

In three years, Paige did a high of $1M, and her clients made over $18M. She continued exploring her full potential and attained an investment portfolio of over $2M, became a bestselling author of “The Pattern.” She has also won the trust of over 80,000 women across all platforms and has accumulated 17,682,000 views between TikTok and Reels last year alone. She is also a passionate and amazing mom to her two kids, Ford and Ruby.

Managing to take full responsibility as a mother and incredibly thrive in business is so admirable. She has set an example that women could become and be great at their relationships too. She is passionate about her craft that she carefully analyzes predicaments and helps other women design their lives.  

How to Balance Your Business and Relationship

It is all about dedicating enough time to all things revolving around your life. Be there when your kids need you, and be there when you need to progress your business. It would be best if you also had a growth mindset to develop what you want. Choose your experiences and know that there will be people around you to support you. Spreading your wings is your choice and has to come within you. 

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