Benefits of a Part-Time Interim CFO

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can be extremely beneficial to your business or organization. However, if your company is currently looking like it’s decreasing in profitability or you simply don’t have the money to hire a full-time CFO, a part-time interim CFO may be the ideal solution for you. Interim CFOs typically work part-time hours and have a flexible schedule.

When does it make sense to hire a part-time CFO?

  • You’re a start-up business or simply in the very early stages of your company
  • You’re just experiencing new growth
  • You’re experiencing a downturn in your business
  • You may need someone to bridge the gap between CFO hiring
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What are the benefits of hiring a part-time interim CFO?

There are many benefits to hiring a part-time interim CFO. Regardless of what stage in business you are in, you can benefit from having a part-time CFO on your team.

Fewer expenses

Hiring someone full-time simply comes at a high cost. When you can afford to do that, that’s understood and expected, however when you’re just starting out or when your business needs a CFO to help implement strategies to reverse a downturn in profit than paying a full-time salary plus benefits may simply not be in the cards for you. Hiring a part-time interim CFO gives you the best of both worlds.

Having an expert

The perks of having a part-time interim CFO on your team is that you have a qualified finance expert building your company’s finances back up through pinpointed strategy. Part-time interim CFOs often have a wide variety of different experiences and are able to bring unique and current practices to your company.

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Smoother transition

If you’re in-between full-time CFOs, then having an interim CFO, while you find the best replacement for your former CFO, can be extremely helpful. Sometimes finding the right candidate takes time, but the need for financial guidance and strategy doesn’t end simply due to some turnover in your business. An interim CFO helps you keep that financial support while allowing you to have a more relaxed approach to hiring without the same sense of urgency as if you didn’t have an interim CFO.


A part-time interim CFO often has an incredible determination and focus to help your company make quick progress. Due to the brief nature of their position, their focus is to help you in your finances and build a strong basis fast. They understand that they’re only here for a short time and have experience on how to build a strong foundation and how to implement strategies that are sustainable and give you returns quickly.

How FD Capital can help

FD Capital is a Senior Finance Recruitment Service that specializes in finding the perfect fit for you – whether you’re looking to onboard a full-time or part-time CFO, FD Capital has you covered. Serving the UK, FD Capital focuses on helping local businesses find financial success and stability through hiring financial professionals that fit your business’ budget.

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