Despite the end of the quarantine in different parts of the world, in many cases, companies have preferred to continue with smart working. This will probably be the new normal that awaits us in the years to come. In this regard, it is essential to know which are the best software, tools, and applications that employees can use to organize and simplify our remote work in the best possible way. Let’s see the best apps that employees must have:

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a Google tool in which deadlines, appointments, meetings, and annotations can be entered into a shared calendar. Each team member can consult the calendar from the browser or simply through the calendar application of their smartphone, which always remains synchronized thanks to the Google account.


Trello is a tool that allows the organization of work through shared boards. Thanks to Trello, it is possible to assign tasks to each user, check progress from time to time thanks to checklists, start conversations in real-time, and use labels to highlight priorities.


NordVPN, the most well-known consumer VPNs, has proficiencies beyond basic VPN, as it provides multiple level support, including support for P2P sharing services that use VPN service to provide a second layer of encryption. It is one of the applications that every remote employee must have to ensure the security of the data over the internet.


Dropbox allows you to store your files in a single space. Thanks to synchronization, you can access documents, photos, and videos at any time, regardless of the device used. Dropbox also offers the possibility of sharing. Microsoft’s On and Drive is based on the same logic.

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Google Drive

Dropbox’s biggest competitor, is Google Drive, another powerful file storage and sharing tool. Google Drive also provides an entire editing suite (texts, presentations, spreadsheets), and sharing a link allows team members to work on a file at the same time.


If your company uses the Google Suite, then you have Hangouts chats available, which bring with them the possibility of also making conference calls with your colleagues. If you often organize online meetings, it is also worth evaluating Meet by Google, included in the suite of GSuite, the multi-platform service for companies from Google. With Meet, you can generate a link for you and your guests, which will allow you to participate in the video conference without any registration, both from mobile and from PC.


Zoom is the perfect tool for creating conference calls with multiple people. Thanks to this tool, you can:

  • Share your screen: if you need to show notes, slides, or documents, simply share the monitor with the other participants.
  • Record: you can automatically set up the recording of the meeting or your webinar and decide whether to record it locally or on the cloud.
  • With zoom, you can also set an access password to check the connections of the participants and decide who to here for  more : Filmygod


There is obviously a multitude of other useful applications for teleworking. The above tools have been chosen for their reliability but also for the user experience they provide. You must consider that a good application must be intuitive and can be used quickly by all employees, regardless of the structure within which it is used.

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