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In recent times, gift cards sales have proven to be the perfect means for making profits in Nigeria. 2021 is no different, as more Nigerians are getting more intimated on how much they can gain from the gift cards buzz.

Exchanging gift cards for cash is not as easy it should be because there is a risk of fraud. Gift cards rippers are all over the internet today, and if one is not careful one might fall victims to their treacherous act. The major way by which rippers rip people off their gift cards is through stolen payment data. Hence, you must be careful with who you share your gift cards information.

The solution to the aforementioned is quite simple. A gift card platform that can protect your card details is what you need to fight against the wiles of gift card rippers. Truth is, not all gift card platforms can be trusted. But there is one gift card platform that has served Nigerians for over five years and counting and that platform is The GiftCards Hub.

What is The GiftCards Hub?

The GiftCards Hub is an online gift card trading platform. It was established in 2017 and has since then secured the number 1 spot as the best gift card trading platform. They have attained this status by always having their customers at heart. Their major aim is to offer gift card traders with seamless and satisfactory gift cards transactions.

Why GiftCards Hub is the best site to sell gift cards in 2021?

Giftcards hub is the best site to sell gift cards for the reasons listed below.

  • Top-notch customer service

It is through good customer service that one can easily rate any platform. Well, GiftCards Hub is customer-oriented and aims at pleasing all customers because everyone is important. By using the site, it is easy to tell that so much has been invested into making sure that customers get nothing swift responses. They can be contacted via their Instagram or website.

  • Fast payment

Gift card transactions should not exceed 10 minutes unless it’s due to network issues. Sell gift cards for cash instantly on GiftCards Hub without any hassle. After the transaction, your giftcards hub wallet is funded and you can withdraw from there at any time.

  • Highest exchange range

Giftcards hub offers the highest exchange rate in Nigeria. Giftcards hub is passionate about putting their customers ahead of the regular trade cure by allowing customers to trade at the best rates.

  • Security

By adopting Giftcards Hub for all your gift cards transaction, you can comfortably sleep at night knowing that all your personal and payment details are in safe hands. Giftcards hub uses world-class technology to protect their website from internet hackers and scammers.

Giftcards Hub is very conscious of the financial laws of Nigeria. Although there are no laws guiding gift card transactions in Nigeria, GiftCards Hub adheres strictly to its internal ethical regulations to guide all their activities.

Gift cards traded on GiftCards Hub?

Giftcards hub buy and sell a wide array of gift cards which includes; eBay, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, steam wallet, Sephora, Nordstrom, USA visa gift card 100-500, Apple Store, USA AMEX GOLD 3779, USA vanilla visa/onevanilla, USA Walmart gift card, Nike gift card, and lots more.

How to get started on GiftCards Hub

It is very easy to get started. Giftcards hub can be accessed via a user-friendly website. Buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria for instant payouts in naira using the Giftcards hub by following the steps below.

  1. Log in to the website
  2. Click on trade now and you will be directed to a page where your email and other details are required to sign up.
  3. Agree to GiftCards Hub’s privacy policy and terms.
  4. Click on create an account. Viola! You can now go ahead and trade on the best gift cards platform.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best site to redeem gift cards in Nigeria?

The best site to redeem your gift cards in Nigeria is GiftCards Hub.

How do I keep up with the constant change in gift cards exchange rates?

Giftcards hub is here to save you the stress. No need to keep up with the exchange rate charts. Kindly login to and the gift cards rate calculator will calculate your rates for you in seconds.

How much is a $100 USA iTunes gift card in naira?

Currently, a $100 USA iTunes physical gift card is sold for 32,000 while a $100 iTunes ecode is sold for 28,000 on Giftcards Hub.

What additional incentive does GiftCards Hub offer its customers?

Apart from the amazing features offered by using the GiftCards Hub platform, you can also get paid for referring a new customer. Amazing right? Log on to to enjoy all the benefits.

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