Best Ways to Set Clear Expectations for Your Team

So you lead a team if you’re a leader. You wouldn’t be a leader if you didn’t. Well, like the people you lead, you’re evaluated on just how productive you are. There’s one catch, though. You’re super-productive only if their productivity is phenomenal. So how can you get optimal productivity for your team?

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Well, you can set clear expectations. There are proven ways of doing so.

  • Explain Objectives From the Beginning

So the goal of the new writing project that you’re giving your team is to increase revenue streams from a new and innovative digital marketing campaign by more than 50% in just two weeks? Ensure that you explain that objective to your team members when handing the project to them.

Explaining goals in a clear and easy language for your team members to understand will clear up any confusion they may have about the project from the beginning. They’ll be more motivated to accomplish the goals and finish the project within the deadline.

  • Set Goals Early On

Ah yes, there’s nothing more frustrating than being on a team where the leader was vague with the goals and suddenly changed them halfway through the project. This behavior almost motivated you to quit both the project and the team.

Well, as a leader, you can make sure that this never happens to your team. It turns out that explaining objectives in a clear and easy-to-understand language is just the beginning when being an effective leader. You also have to set goals for a project early on, like explaining the project, its details, and the deadline to your team.

  • Hold Your Team Accountable

Don’t be surprised if your team goes beyond the deadline and delivers a dismal deliverable if you don’t make it clear that you’re going to hold them accountable for a poor job before the project starts.

Unfortunately, people are motivated to perform at their best only when held accountable for their actions.

  • Constructive Criticism Does it

So there’s criticism, and then there’s constructive criticism. The former just hurts people’s feelings. The latter may hurt your team members’ feelings, but it also motivates them to improve their performance and work habits to improve productivity when given in the right way.

You’ll find that constructive criticism will also motivate your team members to turn in high-quality work within budget and deadline.

  • Motivate Them

So, put in more diplomatic terms, motivate them. Do whatever it takes that’s legal, moral, and ethical to get them to be more productive and to submit more high-quality work to you. Good ideas for motivation are paid time off, gift cards to their favorite stores, and free meal vouchers to their favorite restaurants.

You Can Make It As A Leader

Yes, you can indeed make it as a leader if you follow the five best ways to set clear expectations for your team. Of course, you’re always free to research the concepts that this article has discussed further to understand them better!

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