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Best ways to style women’s swimwear

Summer is here, and it’s time to pack up your beach bag and head out for a day at the pool or beach. Women’s swimwear is an essential part of your summer wardrobe, so make sure you’ve got the right one for your body type and personality with these tips:

Add a Coverup

Coverups are a great way to extend the life of your suit. You can choose one that’s as fun, flirty, or casual as you want, choosing from short and long styles. Coverups can be an opportunity to express yourself while still keeping things simple, whether a string bikini top and shorts or a wrap dress with printed patterns or embellishment details.

Get The Right Fit

You’ve got a great pair of women’s swimwear, but does it fit you well? Here’s how to make sure:

  • Fit: If you’re unsure if the swimsuit is too big or too small, compare it to other pieces in your closet. A good fit will be similar to those other items.
  • Size: Be sure that your size corresponds with the ones listed on the product tag. If no sizes are listed on a piece of clothing, and you have questions about sizing, check out the size guide below!
  • Style: Your bathing suit’s style (bandeau vs. bikini) should match what you’re comfortable wearing and feel confident at home or on vacation. Don’t worry about matching trends or getting something completely new; pick something that makes sense for YOU!

Enhance or Minimise

This is the main thing to consider when choosing a swimsuit. If you want to enhance your body, choose a swimsuit that is cut on the bias and if you want to minimise your body, choose a swimsuit that is cut on the straight grain.

If you want your curves to be accentuated, look for a one-piece suit with ruching across the waistline and between the cups for extra support and lift! A tankini top will also draw attention towards your face rather than down into any areas of concern (like an overzealous booty!). For this look to work best on its own, however (without bottoms), it is recommended to use minimal coverage bottoms like high-waisted bikini bottoms for a seamless transition from the top half down below without having too much attention; placed anywhere else besides where it should be – around your waistline area!

Be Brave

Swimwear is not just for the beach. Women’s swimwear can be worn for various occasions, purposes, activities, and reasons. If you are looking to add some style to your swimsuit options, here are some ideas:

  • Add accessories to your swimsuit – necklaces or bracelets work well with most styles of swimming costumes
  • Wear a hat with your bathing suit – straw hats look great with bikinis and tank tops
  • Wear sunglasses with your bathing suit – mirrored aviators look great on everyone

Add Accessories

Accessories can be the difference between a good look and a great one. They’re not only used to add colour, pattern, or texture (which can already be done with a swimsuit) but also to add a pop of colour that makes an outfit feel complete.

Accessories are like the icing on the cake—they make you look more interesting, classy, and fun!

Swimsuits are an essential part of your summer wardrobe.

Swimsuits are an essential part of your summer wardrobe, and you’ll want to ensure they’re comfortable, flattering, and versatile enough to wear while doing various activities.


This article has given you some inspiration for styling your swimsuits this summer. Swimming is a fun and healthy activity but can also be intimidating if you don’t feel comfortable in your swimsuit. The right fit, accessories, and colours will help enhance your figure in the best way possible!

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