Bitcoin Slot Games: Pros and Cons of this type

Bitcoin is one of the newest financial technologies that had been making an impact for a few decades now. Bitcoin is the most popular form of digital currency, so it is not so shocking that Bitcoin has crept into the online casino. This is an added advantage as you can just play with Bitcoin at the comfort of your home without carrying hard currency about – register at Slotzo Casino.

With Bitcoin Slot Games, you can stake any amount you want on a spin. There are free Bitcoin slots that can be won without risking your funds. This article will take you through the pros and cons of Bitcoin slot games.

Why you should play slot with Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become more and more popular as many online casinos are offering it as a form of banking transaction and playing medium. Are you still doubting whether to consider Bitcoin slot games? Check out reasons you should stop doubting and play slot with Bitcoin.

  • It removes the requirement that comes with the conversion fee: You don’t need to worry about this because you play slots in Bitcoin, deposit in Bitcoin, and most importantly, withdraw in Bitcoin. You have nothing to worry about the exchange rate at which you are playing with that of your country.
  • You have no reason to worry when you want to make huge deposits and enormous withdrawals with Bitcoin. This is not the case for casinos because they have both deposit and withdrawal limits to protect themselves; that is, the casino owners. Bitcoin slot games have a higher withdrawal limit, and you are assured of getting your money.
  • Distance is not a barrier with Bitcoin slot games, as you can transfer your coins from anywhere to your desired Bitcoin address.

Pros of Bitcoin Slot Games

With Bitcoin, your anonymity is secured while playing slot games. Both casino owners and players enjoy this anonymity as there is no room for any form of third-party interference into your financial transaction as well as your personal information. Also, the payment and withdrawal process of the Bitcoin slot game is instant as there is no form of delay. You receive your money instantly, and money is being sent to any particular Bitcoin address immediately after confirmation. Before Bitcoin slot games, casinos take two-three days processing period. Another reason for you to embrace the Bitcoin slot game is that most countries have not recognized Bitcoin as a form of real-money currency. So, when you play slot games through Bitcoin, this is an added advantage to slot lovers because you are not subjected to taxation and bank charges will not be deducted from your money.

Cons of Bitcoin Slot Games

One major disadvantage of the Bitcoin slot game is that few casinos accept Bitcoin as a transaction method. Bitcoin has not majorly been considered as real-money in many countries. Another con that people consider is that the exchange rate of Bitcoin is ephemeral. It can move positively towards the Euro or against it. Moving against the currency is a loss to you because you have a lot of money to lose, which cannot be controlled.

So, when you play with Bitcoin, you need to be hopeful that the Bitcoin exchange moves towards the dollar in your favor. To be sure whether you want to play your slot games with Bitcoin, you need to study and understand this new form of currency very well.

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