Breathedge Review. Russian Subnautica in space

The extraordinary survival  from the first person was noticed and treated kindly in the early access of the  Steam service . At the end of February,  Breathedge  successfully released on F95Zone, and will soon reach the console realm. If you don’t try to label the new game with the royal crown label, then it will become clear: Breathedge is a success, it is fun and cute. Let’s try to figure out to whom it can be recommended and in what quantities.

The Russian studio  RedRuins chose the s urvival genre, which is popular today , but the guys did not copy other people’s work, for which they are honored and praised. Breathedge takes on a story straight away, while many similar wasteland and zombie games don’t have a story at all. Moreover, the developers approached the narrative with an invention: the story of a wretched astronaut nicknamed “The Man” is presented as his testimony during interrogation by malicious robots. It becomes interesting to us, and we purposefully move from quest to quest. Collecting resources for the sake of collecting resources – this is for other “survivors”. Our epic begins with an unsuccessful attempt to bury our beloved grandfather, a cosmic catastrophe and ringing loneliness in space, where, as Ridley Scott used to say, no one will hear you scream. The plot develops slowly (which is a pity, sometimes it is annoying), but the scenery and the participants in the production are constantly changing, and it does not get boring to follow the events.

If you look at the reviews on Steam , you can see that many praise Breathedge for its good humor. Yes, there is a lot of humor here. But questions arise from the first minutes, and do not disappear as they progress. So, it immediately becomes clear that the creators of the game are trying to take quantity, but not quality. Yes, about half of the local jokes will make you smile – not a bad achievement! The local AI will happily inform you after trying to contact the rescuers that “the time of arrival of help exceeds your life span by 4369 years” and all that jazz.

And at the same time, a lot of punchlines fly past the target or even make you wince. Jokes “below the belt and  Best grenade spots dust 2“, toilet humor, simply rude and unfunny verbal phrases – all this in Breathedge is enough in abundance. As a result, the humor in the game can be assessed as follows: a third stand-up, a third Comedy Club, and another third – “Full House” with Regina Dubovitskaya.

Another rather cheap, albeit workable, way to get into the soul of the user is the ubiquitous references to popular culture. If we have to get on a spaceship, then it will be called “Normandy”, who would doubt it. If we find a cartridge with a video game, it will certainly be the Mortal Wombat. There are many references, but sometimes they are superficial or even primitive. But the destruction of the “fourth wall” is another matter. Deadpool is not all fun to make fun of his readers and viewers! The creators of Breathedge often speak directly to the player, and they get it funny and fresh. In the inventory, you can easily read the following description: “We inserted these ridiculous scissors into the game so as not to make complex animation of fingers.” Isn’t that wonderful?

The gameplay itself is quite varied and moderately addicting. We spend a significant part of the game time studying the environment and collecting useful materials. The local craft is a bit inconvenient for its interface (the number of tabs in the menu could have been made smaller), but its variability should be noted positively. The number of tools, upgrades, food and other things that are indispensable for the stellar Robinson are impressive. You will have to spend a lot of time near the machine, but it will not be boring. The Breathedge there was a place for an action game with shooting (the game does not become a shooter from this at all), and for controlling equipment, and for simple quest mechanics with enumerating objects. But the overall pace sometimes sags. Our first spacesuit has just 75 seconds of oxygen! Thus, in the first hours of the game, you will have to make a hundred or two short forays into space for useful items. And this is a little tiring.


But Breathedge’s graphics can be praised without any reservations. The space is beautiful, there are plenty of small details in each frame, the animation is smooth. The Unreal 4  graphics engine in the hands of the Russians works exactly as it should: it draws a bright and clear picture, albeit with a slight touch of frivolous cartoonishness. The music is also just great. A cheerful title theme on the menu, melancholic notes in outer space  and a plus to this – the radio is on board. Excellent Russian-language songs are thundering from there, creating the right atmosphere. There are not many songs like “difficult person test, they soon begin to repeat themselves, but the radio is easy to turn off. To then turn it on again and enjoy the popular hit about the beard, there is one in the playlist.

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