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1. The building and the environment (Building in Context)

If we look at the houses, buildings that were built to hire builders whether it is a house building company บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน Often created to be related to the environment The building was conceived and designed to accommodate the various activities of residents. And to meet social, economic and political needs, buildings may be built in natural environments and man-made environments. These are the determinants of the design and therefore the environment around which the building is built is important. which will influence planning Designing the next building construction

A map showing the climate, terrain, natural physical features surrounding the area. All have influence in the initial design decision. for comfort and to conserve energy and raw materials Responsive and sustainable design Should take into account the features of the original local conditions. by adjusting the form and placing the building in accordance with the original topography Including considering the up-down characteristics of the sun, wind direction and water direction in the construction site area.

In addition to environmental constraints, local building laws and town planning are also compulsory factors in regulating the design of the building’s appearance. These regulations are enacted. about the existing land use patterns and prescribing rules for using the premises to be accepted including limiting the size and shape of the building in which it is located

Environmental and regulatory factors influence the development of the site and the nature of the building to be built, constructed, used and maintained. This creates a need for transportation systems, utilities and other facilities. The construction process must not consume too much material or energy. and should not use more utilities than necessary and does not cause any impact on the environment Therefore, constructing buildings sparingly is an important first step in using resources wisely and efficiently.

when considering various environmental factors around the building construction site, as well as planning to modify the construction area for building use and entry and exit can start with the analysis There will be recommendations to be the next criteria in the topic of sustainability.

2. Sustainability (Sustainability)

In 1987 the World Commission on Environment and Development The United Nations World Commission of Environment and Development is led by Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Norway. has published a report on “Our Common Future”, the report defines the concept of sustainable development as a development model that meets the needs of today’s people. that does not compromise the needs of future generations

Increased awareness of environmental changes such as climate change depletion of natural resources This makes the concept of sustainability a key issue in shaping the design direction of the building. The concept of sustainability allows resource management to go hand in hand with construction. Because it is a matter that affects social, economic and environmental development that requires total attention from all parties such as planners and planners, architects, developers, business owners, contractors, manufacturers, as well as the government and private sectors.

To find ways to reduce the environmental impact of building development. One method used is the sustainability concept. by focusing on effective control of the amount of material, energy and natural resources usage To be able to design and construct buildings with structural characteristics for sustainability must know and understand the results that will occur throughout the season and lifespan Both caused by the building itself and the environment of the area in which the building is located. as well as maintenance and improvements according to the type of those buildings that have passed each year. As time passed and the building became old or deteriorated. so that they can stay together without causing problems later

project execution

ㆍ planning

ㆍ development


ㆍ construction


ㆍ Maintenance

ㆍ Editing, editing

ㆍ demolition


ㆍ to reduce resource usage

ㆍ To use resources cost-effectively

ㆍ to recycle and reuse resources

ㆍ To protect and preserve natural resources

ㆍ To eliminate toxins and pollution

ㆍ to analyze and evaluate

ㆍ The impact of buildings on the environment throughout the life of the building

ㆍ to focus on quality

Sustainable Development Requirements

In 1994, Task Group 16 of the International Council Research Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) proposed three frameworks for sustainable development.


ㆍ land

ㆍ material




3. Green Building

in environmentally friendly building design We often hear the word “Green Building” or Green Building along with the word Sustainable Design, however, requires the overall development of a system that encompasses the concept of green building. including social, ethical and economic conditions, as well as the environment surrounding the building. This is because green building is an important component of sustainable development. The construction of green buildings therefore determines the way to ensure environmental hygiene and maximize the use of natural resources. by relying on the ecosystem as an important basis

Benchmarks related to green building design are constantly being developed, such as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building System™ developed by the Color Building Council. Green (US Green Building Council (USGBC), USA, which consists of members from various sectors such as architects, engineers, contractors. Building owners, central and local authorities These guidelines are set up to certify buildings designed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. as well as the hierarchy for those green buildings After passing the assessment criteria The environmental friendliness assessment system is constantly assessed and improved. In July 2003, Canada received a permit from the Green Building Council to apply the Environmental Friendly Assessment (LEED) system to Canadians’ environments.

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