Can Australian Companies Reel In New Customers By Using Prepaid Cards?

Finding a constant stream of growing customers is what every company aspires to achieve, especially those who are new or just gaining traction. Small businesses and e-commerce stores in Australia are no different and rightfully so as a strong and loyal customer base is necessary to keep any business afloat. Prepaid Visa cards are a new way to get customers to enjoy the services that a company can provide and it has been working well in the past several years. Gift card adoption in the country has been strong thanks to the growing relevance of online shopping and Australia’s e-commerce market. Globally, the prepaid card market is a trillion-dollar industry with a lot of potential waiting to be tapped.

Visa gift cards can be a great way for companies to boost customer recognition and get their brand image out there among the competition. Considering new businesses that have just fixed themselves in the market, these two factors are very important in the long run. Prepaid Visa cards for such businesses can be a boon as it has a lot of advantages that companies make use of. Take a look at some of the ways e-commerce stores and Australian businesses can benefit from using visa gift cards to boost their revenue: 

  1. It Doesn’t Take Much Investment To Start A Gift Card Incentive Programme: Thinking about shifting to a gift card based reward system? Well, they’re cost-effective to produce in bulk and affordable for customers with virtually no upkeep other than managing the expenses on the card and setting up an account. Compared to cash incentives and other reward systems, gift cards are seamless and customers can get more out of their money’s worth on gift cards 
  2. Gift Cards Are Easy To Customise: Customers who love to shop will love gift cards as they are easy to personalise and can even be customized to suit an individual’s needs and demands. People can set spending limits, track their expenses and even design the card according to their personal preference. This level of customization will instantly adhere them to the company that provides such gift cards for use. 
  3. Gift Cards Increase Brand Recognition: In a way, gift cards are a low-cost marketing strategy that involves the buyer of the gift card and the beneficiary. Companies will get two customers with the effort of focusing on one and that in itself is a huge win. As more gift cards are implemented, the customer base sees doubled numbers, increasing the total exposure of the brand image. 
  4. They Are Convenient For Customers: Being safer and more practical than most reward systems, gift cards are more likely to be used by customers. Moreover, they can also be secured to prevent online thefts and other malicious activities, protecting the customer’s money and boosting their loyalty to the company. 
  5. Gain Valuable Insights: Companies can use gift cards to track vital information regarding customer preferences for different products or services, interests and total spending within a specific period. The data can then be used to change up the marketing strategies and adapt the businesses accordingly. Why waste money on digital adverts for insights when gift cards can give the same at less cost?
  6. Easy Deals And Offers: E-commerce businesses in Australia can easily attract potential customers by making use of offers or discounts. Great deals will be met with demanding customers and if the deal is good enough, the word will spread. Since the gift cards need to be availed by the customer, even if the card is not utilized, it’s still a win-win for the company.


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