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Can I Sell My Watch to a Jeweller?

Many luxury watch collectors and buyers find themselves with sell watches Perth they no longer desire. Sometimes this is due to financial reasons or simply being out of style.

When selling your watch online, it’s essential to know where you can get the best value and secure transaction. There are various options for doing so online such as consignment shops or traditional pawnshops.

Watches are a form of jewellery

The term “watch” refers to a piece of jewellery with an internal mechanical movement that measures time and displays the current time as well as other information like date, month and day. The movement may be entirely mechanical or it could include electronic components (or both).

Watches have been used as sell your watch jewellery for centuries. Nowadays, they boast many advanced capabilities like displaying the time in various time zones, reminding you of an appointment or waking you up, and even monitoring your heart rate.

Some watches also have striking mechanisms that announce the time to the wearer. This feature can be especially handy when someone only has a momentary glance at their watch and needs to learn the time quickly.

Some watches require a battery, but most mechanical ones use spring-wound movements. These watches wind themselves automatically as the wearer moves their wrist or they can be wound manually using the crown.

They are a form of investment

Watches are not only great for casual wear; they can also serve as great investments. Much like cars and art, watches are highly collectible and often increase in value over time.

Watches can appreciate in value over time due to factors like brand recognition, heritage, exclusivity and demand. While Rolex are well known for their reliable investment potentials, other luxury brands may provide just as lucrative an opportunity.

Limited editions, historical watches, and collaborations with celebrities all add to the allure of a particular timepiece. These can also create an air of rarity which in turn drives up prices on the secondary market.

New watches tend to lose value quickly, which is why many people opt for pre-owned models instead. Unfortunately, prices on the secondary market are rarely standardized, making it difficult to accurately assess a used timepiece’s true worth.

They are a form of art

Watches can be considered an art form in much the same way paintings are. Although some designs require more creativity and finesse to complete, each requires some level of artistic ability to bring to life.

Many watchmakers draw inspiration from classical artistic crafts such as gold sculpting and engraving or miniature painting. Yet some aren’t afraid to venture into uncharted territories.

Some brands are even known for using contemporary art and pop culture as inspiration for their watches. Comic books, tattoos and calligraphy have all found a home on watch dials, providing an intriguing contrast between tradition and the pushing of boundaries.

Artists often create their works in near solitude, creating works that are truly one-of-a kind pieces. Additionally, these artisans often produce limited editions of their watches to ensure each is unique.

They are a form of fashion

When searching for a watch that expresses your style, there is an expansive selection available. They come in both men’s and women’s designs – from casual to tailored.

You can select from a range of watches with various functions, such as the moon phase calendar or digital readout. These make it simpler to keep track of time without needing to consult a clock.

Watches are an item of fashion, and can be worn with any ensemble. That is why they’re popular among both men and women alike.


When you’re ready to part with your old watch, take it into a jeweller for evaluation and they may give you store credit towards the purchase of a new piece.

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