Pleasant lighting can make any home look incredible. Artificial lighting does a fantastic job of decking up even the most ordinary of houses. But nothing beats natural lighting. The first rays of the Sun that hit one’s eyes are irreplaceable. It is a reason why many homeowners prefer building windows that bring in natural light. But unfiltered light is not always desirable. That is where curtain fabric come in.

Curtains are pieces of cloth that cover a window or a transparent door. While this is advantageous for altering the lighting of a room, curtains also ensure privacy. Therefore, when one chooses the appropriate curtains for a home, one can guarantee privacy and lighting. These are a few pointers that will guide one to the ideal curtain fabric, colour, and length. After all, these choices can redefine any home!

Curtains or Shades?

Curtains and shades are often interchangeably used by people. However, most homeowners do not understand the difference between curtains and other similar screens. While curtains are lighter, shades, drapes, and panels are completely different materials. Drapes are the thickest of the screens made from clothing fabric, and panel sheets and blinds are generally of wood or plywood material.

Understanding the distinction between these types will help one choose a curtain that will work efficiently for their preferences.

Light blocking

While curtains are aesthetically pleasing, their primary function is to block or allow sunlight into the room in various degrees. Therefore, it should be the first thing to consider while buying a curtain. When one wants to flood a room with natural light but also wants to keep it moderated, the go-to option is a sheer curtain. They are one of the most preferred options. It is because despite allowing sunlight inside the room, they offer ample privacy. One can also style the curtain into waves. In addition, the fabric is soft and mild.

On the other hand, if one needs to wholly or partially darken a room, thicker drapes are a perfect choice. They come in synthetic and velvet materials and lend themselves to artistic draping and styling.

Colour of the curtains

The curtain’s colour will significantly impact the aesthetic of the room. Therefore, one needs to consider many things while choosing a colour for a curtain. While many people take enough care to find a colour that would complement the bed linen or the woodwork in the room, people seem to forget another essential aspect: the Sun.

The positioning of a room and the direction it faces are vital to the amount of natural light it gets. Similarly, the colour of the walls or any panelling on the floor will highlight the curtains. Therefore, it is essential to choose a colour that will not clash with any of these aspects.

Styling a curtain

After choosing the perfect curtain fabric of a fitting colour, one needs to consider the various ways of styling a curtain. The customising aspect is entirely dependent upon the look that one would like to adopt for their home. For example, if a homeowner is looking to raise the apparent height of a low roofed house, they can choose to hang the curtains from a higher point. It will frame the window perfectly. For a wavy style, one can go for extra-long curtains that will gather on the floor.

Instead of installing a single, wide curtain, one can also opt for two single window curtains that open up in the centre portion of the window. The room takes on a look of sophistication and becomes more inviting. When the designer adds a fancy element such as a portière, it becomes more exceptional. A homeowner can take absolute creative freedom in this aspect. After all, there are no wrong ways of styling!

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