Cloud Inventory: Solutions for Supply Chains

Legacy inventory management systems for supply chains, including enterprise resource planning, or ERP, proved to be inefficient over time. Cloud-based inventory management offers a more robust and flexible solution. Cloud Inventory is a leader in the new mobile technology that leverages the cloud to replace spreadsheets and paper-based systems. 

The entire system tracks inventory from the manufacturing site to the point of delivery to the customer. Problems like shipping delays, order mistakes, overstocking and processing bottlenecks can be solved. However, changes in the supply change require a more flexible solution to relay information even in environments where there is no connectivity. Various problems with inventory management are related to human error. Cloud Inventory’s mobile-first inventory solution provides visibility and control.

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Overview of Cloud Inventory

Cloud Inventory offers a unique mobile-first inventory solution to manage movements of inventory throughout the supply chain. It enables end-to-end visibility, which provides the controls necessary to monitor locations and authenticate inventory during transit. 

This technology is designed to ensure compliance, optimize inventory, and generate revenues:

Ensure Compliance: Meeting various compliance obligations can be challenging in an ever-changing environment. Access to a reliable database for inventory is necessary to navigate changing rules for compliance. It also reduces human mistakes while remaining compliant with regulatory changes. Inventory might have expiry dates, so features like automated scheduling and lot-tracking are essential to meet delivery dates within the expiry window.

Optimize Inventory: Each business maintains an inventory that represents the supply and demand relationship. Overstocking is just as problematic as understocking; making on-time, in-full deliveries, or OTIF, under these conditions, is the highest mark of excellence. Cloud inventory provides the tools to accomplish this goal. Real-time inventory counting, end-to-end tracking and mobile communications in remote areas set up the conditions for success. 

Generate Revenue: Improvements in the efficiency and accuracy of the inventory tracking system has a secondary effect on revenue generation. The elimination of redundant costs and the reduction in wasteful inventory practices improves customer relationships in a myriad of ways. Software now enables users to apply customized supply chain solutions with minimal coding. Cloud inventory helps businesses to manage inventory, materials, and warehouses while tracking end-mile deliveries. 

Field Inventory Management 

Field inventory implies tracking inventory in transit through environments that are unpredictable and lack reliable connection to the Internet. Increasing reliance on vendors outside of the warehouse, onsite locations and other locations that lack connectivity have been problematic for some time. Cloud Inventory offers offline solutions to provide access to inventory visibility even in environments without reliable connectivity. Mobile devices are now capable of facilitating accurate information exchange and connectivity in field inventory management conditions. 

Warehouse Inventory

Cloud Inventory is effective at solving the common problems faced by legacy ERP and spreadsheet solutions. It’s designed to reduce discrepancies, minimize human error, improve accuracy in ordering, facilitate order delivery and manage stockouts. Mobile device applications solve common warehouse inventory management problems. This includes the use of mobile scanning systems to manage inventory turnover and authentication. 

Customizing low-code software can help warehouse users create onsite solutions for picking, packing and shipping tasks. Other important tasks done through the mobile application includes identifying inventory shortages, counting accurately and shipment scheduling. 

Tracking inventory through various locations in real time is now possible. Various supplies, tools, medical devices and construction gear can be tracked on location. Inventory records requests, invoices and service requests can be done through the mobile device, bypassing manual paperwork procedures.

Manufacturing Materials

Cloud Inventory offers improvements in the area of visibility and control over manufacturing materials and finished products. The mobile-first app streamlines work processes, reduces downtime and optimizes inventory through automation. Track inventory locations, tools and personnel on an as-needed basis. Improvements in agility and reconfiguration assist in avoiding any downtime. Cost efficiencies throughout the workflow cover shop floor issues such as stock levels, lead times and inventory level monitoring. The Kanban app from Cloud Inventory functions as an inventory replenishing device. 

Cloud Inventory for Control and Visibility

Real-time tracking is hindered in a rapidly moving supply chain; manual tracking systems are simply inadequate to the task. Legacy systems like spreadsheets and paper-based solutions increase human error rates. Cloud Inventory offers solutions that span the range of supply chain issues. This offers an unprecedented level of visibility and control.  Grab thetechboy to know more on tech industry.

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