Colour Combinations for Study Room Your Kids Will Love

If you’re planning to add a splash of freshness to your house by getting it coloured, be sure you give enough time and attention to decide colours for each room. Not every space has the same purpose, so consider it while finalizing any shade. While most homeowners give much of their attention to their bedroom and living room, study rooms often get neglected. If you don’t want to make the same mistake but don’t have enough time to do the research, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

But before you pick any colour combination and start painting, make sure the roof has waterproofing activities performed to prevent any leakage during the rainy season – failing which, the newly applied paintwork can get affected. As waterproof paint for roof price in India is quite reasonable, you shouldn’t face difficulty getting it applied before painting the study room or other rooms for best results.

Now let’s head straight to the colour combination recommendations.

Grey & Yellow

A lively yellow accent looks stunning on a base of neutral hues. When you ask professional painters to use colour-blocking shades of grey and vibrant yellow, the resultant aesthetic will feature contemporary vibes and a modern feel. The yellow colour’s brightness gets softened by the neutral hues of grey, making it ideal for the study room. If you don’t like yellow, you can replace it with a vibrant colour of your choice, as grey hues can pair well with almost all warm colours.

Beige, Blue, & White

This colour palette would look best in the study room if you prefer to follow a nature-inspired colour theme throughout your house. These light yet well-coordinated wall colour combination make the space look more airy and open. They also exude soothing vibes, which help kids stay focused while they’re studying for long hours. You should consider applying beige and blue on different room walls, while white should be reserved for painting the trims, skirting, and other details. The contrast it will create will be phenomenal. Since there are a lot of colours involved, make sure you get it done by professional painters only.

Orange, Aqua, & Light Grey

Instead of the predictable and increasingly common colour combinations, we’ve picked up orange, aqua, and light grey as the newest, captivating colour scheme for a study room. What makes this combination special is the inclusion of a warm shade, a cool shade, and a neutral shade. When these colours come together, they create a youthful mood throughout the space. If you like the concept of including such varied colour tones but are not comfortable with the selected shades, you can change one or more colours according to your preference.

Now that you have three beautiful colour combinations ready for the study room, go ahead and pick the option that resonates more with your preferred colour scheme. Even if you cannot choose one from the list, rest assured your kids are going to love all the above-shared options.

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