Cost Of Living in Denver

As globalization has gained its full pace in India, people seek jobs outside, in foreign countries. According to statistics, Canada remains the most popular place for Indians to settle. But that doesn’t mean Canada is the only suitable place for Indians. Due to the advent of technology and well-networked transport and communication, people can gain knowledge quickly. This is leading to more opportunities and options to shift to foreign nations for work.

Mountain states from all sides surround Denver, the Rocky Mountains being the most significant range of mountains. So if you decide to settle in Denver and have doubts about how much it costs, how much my salary should be, how I can manage it, then this article is the right place to help you. In this article, we will be talking about the Cost Of Living In Denver.

1. Cost of Housing in Denver

Since Denver is the nearest city to all the mountain cities, the demand to live here is relatively high. For more accurate figures, we have calculated a few statistics.

Cost of buying a house

If you decide to buy a house for yourself and your family, then it may range from $ 400,000 – $500,000, this is the cost of a medium home with three bedrooms, halls, and kitchen, so it may rise if you want to have more rooms and create more space.

Cost for Renting an apartment in Denver

The other option available to you is to live in rented apartments. The cost of renting an apartment in Denver is around $1500- $2000 for two rooms, a hall, and a kitchen of medium size. Most people choose apartments due to various reasons. One of them is that it is pretty cheap for the short term. Capitol Hill, Uptown, and Highlands are some of the best neighborhoods in Denver for living. The other being it’s pretty hard to find a house in the desired location. The cost of luxury apartments is estimated to start from around $15000, and if we talk about the maximum price, then the sky’s the limit, for sure.

2. Cost of food in Denver

Since it is one of the most populated areas of the region, you will never face any problem with the variety of meals. However, suiting the budget with your hunger may be a thing to wonder about. You compromise with housing facilities to some extent, you can negotiate with your salary, but the food is something you should never avoid. The average amount spent by an individual for one meal could be about 15 dollars if you don’t include any non-veg and rely on milk, bread, and jam. So, according to this estimate, your monthly cost incurred on flooding is maybe $1350, including all three meals of $15 each.

3. Cost of healthcare in Denver

Like other countries, Denver, the most populated city in Colorado, also has high stakes in healthcare. The cost of healthcare in Denver is about 6%-7% higher than the national average. If you visit a doctor for a check-up, it’s sure that he will charge no less than $150, it may vary from doctor to doctor, but this is the lowest limit; the drugs will cost a minimum amount of $500. If you own a pet and need to visit a veterinary doctor, it will cost around $50 for the check-up.

4. Transportation and utilities

Apart from these essential expenses, there are also a few more expenses. If you are working in Denver, it is evident that you will avail of any transport facility, be it Cab or your vehicle. The average cost of Cab in Denver is around $5-10 per kilometer. If you have your car or transport, then the gas price at an average is estimated to be $2.50-3 per gallon.

So this was a detailed analysis of the Cost Of Living in Denver and the most common expenses you need to take care of in Denver.

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