Different Types of Pipe Bending Machines

Pipes are mostly required bent so as to produce finished parts. This is basically this machines work. Pipes are used to flow gases and other fluids through their hollow structure. They have a large diameter and their inner diameter is what is measured. Other functions of the machine are beading, swaging, flaring and also bending. Each machine works depending on different characteristics.

Types of the machines

There are different types of pipe bending machines. They include:

  1. Computer Numerical Controlled benders. They are a guarantee for high level productivity. They have three axles and a servomotor driven carriage, it automatically positions the distance between the plane and its bends. The can manipulate the tube automatically and also position it hence create complex tubular parts. They are mainly applied in the automotive, ship building and railway industry. They do not have hydraulic features hence greater operation and repeatability. The different types are:

Vector bends electric tube bending machines.They are reliable for they produce high level quality products. They save more energy for the machines operate on electricity; this is an advantage compared to conventional hydraulically operated tube bending machines. It is flexible making I very efficient during complex bending applications. It is made possible because the machine is able to bend its head and reverse during rotation. They have an advanced touch screen used as a user interface for monitoring productivity and programming.

Vector tube bending machines. They have different designs and models. For acceleration and deceleration, they come in different axis speeds sizes and controllability. Most models don’t use chains. They are applicable in automotive exhaust tube.

Orbital head bending machines. They are utilized for complex CNC tube bending. They are a good solution for automotive, truck, air conditioning and other complex applications. They have a touch screen that have controls which are used with the machine. They have advanced features that rotate the head and collate around the other parts simultaneously. This reduces the time taken to cycle and guarantees optimal throughput. Can be easily integrated with offloading equipment and automatic loading

  1. Roll benders: They use three powered rollers that are arranged in a triangular manner. Only three or two rollers can be used and the process of adjustment can be either manual or hydraulically. When a large radius required is when the process is best. Rollers on the top exert pressure downwards while those on the bottom push up to bend the pipe.
  2. Coiling equipment
  3. Boosters benders
  4. Elbow benders
  5. Thin wall bending equipment

Other capabilities of the machines

Pipe bending machine price in Kenya vary according to the type one wants.

  • Annealing; a metal is heated to a specific temperature then allowed to cool slowly.
  • End flattening
  • Notching
  • Hole punching
  • Slotting operations
  • Buffing and polishing


It is a wise decision to research before purchasing a machine.

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