Do You Believe These DUI Myths?

Over a million are arrested in a DUI case every year in the United States. Drinking is a huge part of American culture, so people always try to devise tricks and hacks to outsmart the breathalyzer, but nothing works. Certain myths like you can actually defeat these tests are why most teenagers and young adults get charged with a DUI. 

Over the years, many myths regarding DUIs have surfaced. It is normal for myths to develop around things; the ones related to drinking and driving can be particularly dangerous. It is also important to learn the facts to distinguish the truth from the myths. If you have been involved in a DUI accident, hire a Tuite Law legal expert today. 

Common DUI myths 

  • You cannot get caught by the police if you drive carefully. 

Even the most skilled drivers get caught when they are driving while drunk. Due to the growing number of accidents in the United States, the government is increasingly introducing new and more strict laws regarding drinking and driving. There are DUI checkpoints at almost every corner. If law enforcement officers catch you for impaired driving, they may detain you for some time. If you cannot pass the tests, you may be arrested. 

  • Driving drunk improves concentration. 

Many people claim to become more focused when driving drunk because they are aware of their drunkenness. This is dangerous because no scientific research proves that alcohol increases concentration. In fact, alcohol impairs the functioning of your brain and results in slower reaction time and poor judgment. Being drunk also impairs your visibility and makes you feel sleepy. 

  • Law enforcement officers can only arrest you if they catch you driving.

Many people are of the opinion that law enforcement officers cannot arrest them as long as they do not find them driving a vehicle in a drunk state. However, officers do not exactly have to catch you in the act to make the arrest. In fact, even if they spot you getting out of your car and acting drunk, they can arrest you based on the assumption that you have been driving. 

  • You can sober up before hopping in the car. 

There is a common belief that taking a cold shower or eating fatty food before driving will sober you up for the drive, but that is unfortunately not true. Certain things reduce the effect of alcohol quickly, but nothing can metabolize the alcohol before time. Usually, it takes 2 hours for your body to metabolize one serving. 

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