Driving in NYC: What To Know To Travel By Car

So, you want to take your family to New York. How much is it to get there? It can be expensive to fly, and you’d rather drive than waste time getting to the airport. Plus, you can pack as much luggage as your car fits. You shouldn’t worry about kids and pets in the back seat. But once you get here, you look shocked and really amazed by traffic jams and tolls. It’s really overcrowded in New York. Nevertheless, it is possible to rent a car and get over the city with maximum comfort.

How to rent a car in NYC

There are many car rental locations in NYC. Whenever you need four wheels, to pick up your relatives from the airport or visit Coney Island this weekend, you can rent a car from the airport or somewhere from the city locations. The choice is big. You can rent a stylish Mercedes or something like Ford Transit in case you need more space for passengers. As a rule, car rental offers about 30 cars of different styles and models from costly business-class cars to SUVs.

Driving Tips in NYC

Driving in such a big city as New York is challenging, especially for low-skilled drivers. That’s why people prefer traveling by taxi or just simply use underground transport. However, sometimes you really need to rent a car as it is inconvenient to get over the city with your kids or colleagues by public transport. Here are a couple of simple tips you should practice in New York.

1. Drive slowly

You should keep the drive limit. Thus, in NYC, you are allowed to keep up to 30 miles per hour. There are regions, where the mark goes down to 25 miles per hour. How could you know about the speed limits? Just watch the road signs.

2. Watch pedestrians, bikes, and motorbikes

You should drive your rental car slowly because of road restrictions and pedestrians, running here and there and everywhere. You, as a careful driver, should wait for all of them to cross the street. Also, the streets are full of cyclists, bikers, especially in the park areas. It is recommended to keep an open eye on the people around. Open the door carefully so as not to kick a cyclist.

3. Stick to parking

Everybody knows that small cars are easy to park. Speaking about such a big city as New York, budget car rental in Albany can give you any car you want and ever wished to. You know, a car rental agency can help you with a car but can’t help you with parking. Remember that parking in NYC really needs some money. There are so many cars and people around that it doesn’t look easy to find a place to leave your car even for a while. Of course, there are many free street parking spaces, but they all are occupied. There are special parking apps that are really helpful in finding a suitable parking spot near you.

4. Watch the street lights

Remember that you can’t turn right on red! Whenever you want to turn, you should wait for green lights on. What is more, it is recommended to read the signs as it often happens that it is forbidden to turn left on main avenues during some hours.

5. Avoid traffic jams

Traffic jams are typical for New York. Try to avoid driving the main avenues in the morning, between 7 and 10, and in the afternoon, from 5 to 7. On Sundays and holidays the things go even worse. If you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the street for hours, try to build up your route beforehand and come earlier.

To conclude, you can rent a car in New York and do your best for the comfort of your family. It is not that difficult as you might think. The main thing you should remember is to keep the road rules and regulations and never go fast. You know, most New Yorkers are careful drivers.

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