Easy DIY Tricks To Up The Comfort of Your PG Room

Moving out of home and into a PG is always an interesting experience. After all, you’re going from your comfort zone straight into an empty space that’s a total blank slate. It’s going to feel a little strange and take time for you to feel at home in the new place. But surely there are some ways to speed up the process and make your PG in Greater Noida feel super comfortable? Well, you’re in luck. There are tons of DIY tips and tricks that will help you turn your room into a place you’ll never want to leave. So, let’s check out these hacks to increase the comfort of your hostel room:

Give your bed a makeover

The unfortunate thing about most hostels and PGs is that the bed often looks and feels like a hospital bed. And that doesn’t exactly scream comfort. Don’t settle for the standard mattress and sheet combination, go ahead, and give your dorm room bed the makeover of its dreams. Add soft sheets from your childhood bedroom, a fluffy comforter or a bamboo quilt to keep you comfortable in your sleep. You can even go ahead and match your bedding with the colour scheme of the rest of your room so that you can nail the comfort level and the Instagram room aesthetics in one go. 

Add a full length mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s got the best hostel room of them all? With this hack, it’s definitely going to be you. One of the most common complaints that people have about hostel and PG rooms is the lack of space. And that’s just one of the realities that you can’t contend with. But adding a full length mirror into your room can create the appearance of some additional space. Your room will look and feel bigger and more comfortable. And of course, it’ll be great for all those mirror selfies too. 

Draw the curtains

Not a fan of the view outside your PG room window? No problem. A nice pair of curtains is sure to come to the rescue. Curtains are a great way to control the lighting in your room and make it appear cosier and comfortable. They’ll also give you some privacy and make your room look a lot more finished. Go ahead and get light-blocking curtains if you’re someone who likes to sleep in, or some sheer ones if you want to brighten up your room. And if you don’t want to spend a ton buying new ones, you can easily DIY your own curtains from some long fabric too.

Add an area rug

There’s something about the bare cement or tiled floors of most PGs that just doesn’t help you feel comfortable. Well, that’s where getting or DIYing an area rug for yourself can be super helpful. Add one near your bed to make getting out of bed a lot more comfortable. You can opt for a really vibrant or patterned rug if your room needs a pop of colour, or get one that goes with your existing decor. There are a lot of different ones to choose from online, or you could even DIY one for yourself with a rug canvas and some yarn.

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Go green

Perhaps you’ve opted for a managed accommodation like Stanza Living which actually ensures that all your comfort needs are met while designing your room. Then all you need to do to make your space as comfortable as possible is to add a touch of life. And bringing some indoor plants is a great way of doing that. There are a lot of low-maintenance plants and succulents that you can use to line your shelves or even hang them from a wall. 

With these easy tricks, you’ll be able to take your hostel or PG room to a whole new level. Go ahead and try them out to enjoy your new life of comfort.

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