Essentials For a Dog Stepping into the Home for First Time!

Most people add new members to the family at some point in their lives, whether they are new babies or new furry friends. Bringing a rescue dog or a new puppy from a shelter to the house is an exciting opportunity. And just like with new babies, your dog requires a unique comfort in the new home.

There are a number of things you need to remember when you adopt a dog, and here are some of them…

Because dogs do not sweat like humans, they are susceptible to overheating. When inside the house, make sure you have an air conditioner running efficiently and you may want to wipe the pup down with a cool, wet towel. However, if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, it should have a shaded doghouse or another cool place to rest during summers. It will also need plenty of access to clean, cool water.

Healthy relationships require limits, and your relationship with your dog is no exception. If your dog does not want to let go of you under any circumstances, you can use a baby door to keep contain them in a safe and secure environment when you’re going to work or running to the store.

With your new furry friend, new types of expenses will also come into the picture. Pet insurance is an insurance policy purchased by pet owners to help reduce the total cost of expensive veterinary bills. This coverage is like human health insurance policies. Dog insurance will cover all or part of costly veterinary procedures, medication and more. To find a plan that meets your needs, pet insurance plans need to be evaluated and compared carefully. Look for features and other inclusions as well as exclusions and optional add-on packages like wellness plans.

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Usually, there is an excess payment when you make a claim, which is the out-of-pocket cost you pay before the insurance provider pays you out the rest. Most providers will determine the premium based on the type of animal you have, its breed, age and any pre-existing conditions as well as other factors.

Food and water are essential for life, and your dog should have easy access to them. There are many dog bowls and automatic feeders in the market. Ideally, any non-electronic feeding equipment would be made of a safe material to put in a dishwasher for easy, sterile cleaning.

A dog leash is a tool that is used to train your dog, as well as to prevent your dog from running away every time you take it out of the house. There are several types of dog leashes. Some are better than others, and the highest prices do not always produce better quality. The most important consideration is that it is made of solid material so that it does not break.

There are many different lengths that work for different types of dogs and different situations – figure out what will work best for you at what times. 

You’ll also require a collar for your dog, which would allow you to tag your contact information on it, in case your dog runs away. It’s best if you choose a collar according to the size of your dog. For example, if you adopt a Greyhound, you need a unique collar that can house a strong neck for a longer duration without suffocating your pet. 

Some dog breeds would also require you to groom their coats and cut their nails. Hence, it is important to have special dog shampoo, comb or brush, and nail trimmer.

Of course, the most important aspect above food, shelter, water and exercise is your love, attention and care. Not only are all these elements essential for a dog’s health, but they are wonderful bonding opportunities for you and your new fur kid.

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