Factors affecting the prices of Decra roofing tiles in Kenya

Made from lightweight material yet very durable, Decra roofing tiles has proved to be very handy in the construction and building needs of the Kenyan population due to its features, whichalso includes the aspect of price and appearance. This article takes you through the prices of the Decra roofing tiles in Kenya.

In Kenya close proximity to the manufacturing points or cities such as Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa create an obvious advantage in terms of pricing, this, including several other factors, will appear to influence the prices of the Decra roofing tiles in Kenya.  Some of the pertinent factors are enumerated below.

Type of decra product

The decra products available in the market includes Decra tile, Decra shake XD, Decra shake, Decra shingle XD. All the mentioned products fetch different prices due to the overall cost of production and the quality of material used. Therefore, this may be a major factor that influences the price of decra products.

The size and complexity of the roof

The eventual roofing costs will be determined by the size and the complex nature of the roof, the valleys, pitches if steep, number of hips, the angles and the number of surfaces will influence the quantity of material used and the overall cost of the housing project. People in the urban areas favor such complicated roofing styles. Also, the larger the roof, no matter how simple, the more workers will be required to provide labor force, which inevitably means more wages to them.

Labor costs

Different houses have different designs, simple houses with simple roofing needs may incur less costs in labor to install, whereas complex roofing designs may require more expert labor which is paid more. The labor costs increase the overall cost of the house, it is therefore a significant factor affecting the decra roofing tiles prices in Kenya.

Demand for roofing material

As more and more people keep investing in the real estate business and as more people construct personal houses in both the urban areas and rural places, this tends to ignite an increase in demand for the roofing materials. It goes without say that an increase in demand will cause for an increase in price too.

Inflationary tendencies and political factors

The Kenyan economy is remotely connected to the political factors, therefore an increase in the prices of any other complimentary factor of production e.g. electricity costs, fuel cost and transport costs, will necessitate an increase in the eventual price charged to the buyer.  This cost is passed from the manufacturer to the buyer. 


The price of Decra roofing tiles will vary depending on the above-mentioned factors in Kenya.  While we can regulate and control the issue of size and complexity of the roofing, it is seemingly impossible to control the political influence and inflationary situations that would arise.Likewise, the choice of the housing plan will determine significantly the costs to be incurred.

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