Factors influencing the type of blade chaff cutter to use

Farmers desire for profits, and the one way of amassing the desired profits is by making the feeding of their livestock as convenient as possible.  The Chaff Cutter comes in handy here as the livestock feed such as Napier grass can be chopped into convenient sizes that makes it easy for the livestock to feed on.

Livestock rearing is gradually becoming a norm in most of the societies in Kenya and indeed all other parts of the world. Having a healthy herd of livestock is one essential of livestock rearing. The chaff cutter ensures that the farmer’s livestock are well fed, as it cuts all types of cow feed (livestock feed) into pieces that can be easily chewed and digested. The following are some factors that may influence the price of a chaff cutter.

Manual or Automated

Manual chaff cutters are operated by hand, and its output is lower. They are cheaper than the automated chaff cutters which use fuel, motor driven or use electricity. The manual chaff cutters may be preferred by the small-scale farmers, while the largescale farmers may find their needs sufficiently catered for by the automated chaff cutters.

Large scale or small-scale operations

Large scale farmers have plenty of activities taking place within their farmyards and would therefore need larger machines within considerable output, while small scale farmers whose farmyard activities are considerably low may only require smaller cutters to meet their needs. Medium sized operations may need to make appropriate decisions depending on the needs. It is therefore sufficient to say that the 3 blade chaff cutter price in Kenya is determined by the scale of operations.

Size of chaff cutter

Chaff cutters come in different sizes, and this is significant in determining the price of the chaff cutter.  They vary in terms of engine capabilities and general output and number of blades, hence are considered more efficient. The smaller chaff cutters with lower output will be cheaper than the larger versions.

Chaff cutter model

Technological changes have positively impacted the chaff cutters in that there are different models in updated versions with more blades, more rollers, increase nutritional value of the feed and even cures fodder. The more recent or sophisticated the model version is the higher the price.

Number of livestock

A larger herd of livestock requires a more efficient chaff cutter to meet the feeding needs of all the livestock in question, while a smaller herd may suit their needs using the simplest and cheaper chaff cutters. The larger the herd therefore the more the investment costs.

Proximity to Capital

In the urban areas, the facilities, goods and services are readily available, thus making their cost lower than the prices of the same goods in the rural areas.  Therefore, the cost of the chaff cutter in the urban areas may be slightly lower than in the rural areas.


Chaff cutters have made the activities and operations of the farmer more efficient and profitable, from the above;we can gather that various considerations in relation to the chaff cutters may suit the needs of the different livestock farmers.  Therefore, the pertinent factors in each case should be put into consideration at any given point.

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